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Top Tips for Creating Knockout Content for Your Brand

Above view of content marketing plan formulation

‘Content is king’ may be one of the most clichéd phrases in the book, but it’s not popular without good reason. For digital marketers, content is indispensable; it both relies on and is relied on by SEO and Digital PR, acting as the bridge between a brand’s ambition and an audience’s interest.


Why is Content so Important?

High-quality content is irreplaceable in boosting your website’s SEO ranking. It may not be the only factor, but it is an essential one that digital marketers can’t go without. Here are some of the benefits of producing stellar and engaging content:

  • Great content engages your audience and raises brand awareness
  • It gives the reader a better understanding of your products or services
  • It increases conversions
  • Your business becomes more discoverable online
  • Achieving great links in relevant publications 

The Key to Creating Engaging Content: A Robust Content Strategy!

Creating a strong content strategy is how to reap the rewards of these benefits for your business. Knowing where your content creation time is being focused – and undertaking the necessary research to know what kind of content to produce – will stand you in good stead.

In simple terms, a content strategy is a document that highlights your business’s targets and uses various forms of content to achieve those goals. It’s typically best to do these on a 3–6-month basis; this allows for flexibility, so you can amend the strategy to add newsworthy and relevant trending topics to your content schedule if needed.


How to Formulate a Content Strategy

Here’s what to consider and include in your content strategies:

1. Outline Your Business’s Goals

What is it you want to achieve with your content? Perhaps you want to increase traffic to your site, or boost your performance for certain search terms? Whatever the case, it’s important to establish this so you can better understand the content gaps that need to be bridged.

2. Understand Your Audience

Consider who you’re creating content for. Plan content that’s relevant to your target audience because this is the content that will generate the most traffic. What will the reader get out of it? What do they ultimately want from your business?

3. Reassess Your Existing Content

Revisiting your past content and assessing its performance will give you more insight into what’s working for you – and what isn’t. Study your site’s Google Analytics performance to understand where your visitors are spending the bulk of their time. Find out what pages generate the most conversions and longest reading time. Earmark any noteworthy performance – both positive and negative – in key areas to gain a greater understanding of what content will be most effective with your audience.

4. Get Creative with Your Ideas!

Producing varied and inspiring content that your competitors can’t emulate is a great way to stand out (and gain links!). Do your content ideas have a unique, attention-grabbing angle? Do they add value to existing topics or offer something new? Are they timely and relevant?

Ideation is one of the most important steps in content creation, so be sure to give it the time it deserves.


Get Help with Your Content Strategy from a Digital Marketing Agency

Peaky Digital is a digital marketing agency adept in content marketing and creation for a wide variety of businesses. If you’re looking to boost your brand’s online presence with some awesome content that meets your business’s ambitions and gets you found online, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d love to hear from you!

You can also check out our work for some of the other awesome clients we’ve partnered with.

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