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8 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience on Social Media.

by Chlöe Davison

Oct 1, 2020, ,

Iphone with social media apps.

With social media becoming the go to place for consumers to communicate and seek information about brands, it is crucial that their experience when they land on your social page is 5 star. Social media platforms are constantly evolving with new ways to streamline customer service and drive sales allowing you to take your customer experience to the next level. 

 #1 Add a Chat Bot to your Social Media Profiles

Adding a chat bot to your social media profile is an effective way to provide consumers with speedy responses, even when you are not online. Streamlining customer service and providing around the clock solutions. 

#2 Respond to All Queries

And quickly, not only will it delight your customer it will build your brand as one customers can trust and rely on when there is an issue. With reviews becoming increasingly more important to every business don’t let your customer service slip online. Social media is where your followers connect with their friends and family so ensure your conversations with customers, whether they are public or private are personal and friendly.

#3 Offer Exclusive Discounts

Individuals that like or follow your page are invested in your brand, they are choosing you over other the other brands out there. Why not reward them by expressing your appreciation? You could try doing flash deals, posting an offer or running a competition, not only will it generate buzz it is likely to expand your brands reach.

#4 Provide an Easy Shop Function

More and more brands are starting to treat social media as a sales platform. By adding an easy shop function to your social platforms, you streamline your customers’ shopping journey, making it simpler, easy to access and convenient. Also preventing users from getting lost in multiple pages, links and redirects, something we have all been victim to. 

#5 Build a Community

Social media shouldn’t just be a platform that you use to sell your product or service, by creating a community of individuals that are interested in your content, you can create hype around your products, encouraging people to ‘join the club’ and make purchases. An easy way you can do this is by creating a private group on Facebook, the Facebook algorithm thrives off groups that users frequently engage with. Have a scroll through your own Facebook page, it doesn’t take long to find a group post does it?

#6 Upload Exclusive Content 

Once you have created your community, the aim is to get people to join. You could start by sharing exclusive content such as a pre-launch password, allowing followers to purchase products before access is given to the public. You could also promote on your main page that by joining the “exclusive group” you can gain access to exclusive opportunities and rewards. 

#7 Don’t Bombard with Sales

When planning what you’re going to post on social media it is important to think about the customer experience of following your brand. If you publish a constant stream of adverts and sales messages it is likely to take away from your values as a business. It is as valuable to express your personality as a brand and showcase your style by sharing company updates, insights into the team and taking part in trends or starting relevant discussions. 

#8 Keep all your Content Links Accessible 

Some social media platforms only allow you to have one link in your profile description, and for businesses with a range of exciting and different content to share this can be frustrating. To overcome this you could use Linktree, or another simple way to organise all your useful links into one place is to create a “learn more” mobile friendly page on your website. Allowing you to add all your links into a single URL, that you can add to your bio or description. If it’s part of your website you can also customise the page to ensure it is 100% on brand. Just make sure it isn’t linked anywhere on your website as you only want people to access it through social media.

Get Help with your Social Media Strategy 

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