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Super Power Your E-commerce Email Marketing With These 8 Tips

by Poppy Hunt

Aug 27, 2020

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Email marketing could be one of your most powerful marketing channels right now, but are you using it effectively? From incentivising sign-ups, to nudging users to revisit their carts, see some of our top tips to make emails work for your business.

#1 Increase Email Sign-Ups With A Pop-Up

The bigger your email list, the more powerful a marketing channel it becomes. Don’t make users search for a way to sign-up to your list, instead put it right in front of them. Using a pop-up is a quick and effective way to encourage users to subscribe.

#2 Incentivise Sign-Ups With An Offer

Rewarding customers for signing up to your email list makes them much more likely to take action, and gives them a positive sentiment to your brand. An offer like 10-15% off their next purchase is perfect for generating subscribers, and increasing sales!

#3 Help Onboard Customers To Your Brand 

Businesses spend a lot of time creating content to help customers understand their brand. Use your email marketing as a chance to ‘onboard’ customers, giving them useful information that will help them understand your values, services, and become a loyal follower – nurturing them towards a future conversion.

#4 Get Users To Revisit Their Abandoned Carts

Users who have added products to their cart are much more likely to convert than those who have simply visited your homepage, so why aren’t you honing in on this segment? An abandoned cart email is a great reminder to nudge users towards that final check-out stage of a sale.

#5 Don’t Just Be Sales Driven

Continuous sales messages can be off-putting to both potential and existing customers alike. Make sure your email marketing strategy includes informative and interesting content that will make users feel like your list is useful to remain subscribed to.

#6 Put Automation In Place

You don’t have to put too much ongoing resources into your email campaign! Set up automation sequences that will allow users to move through a set of pre-created emails, dependent on their interactions with you. New customer sign-up sequences and recent purchase sequences are just two examples of automated flows you could create to keep your customers engaged.

#7 Analyse & Report On Your Data

Treat your emails like any other marketing channel and make sure you do detailed monthly reports. Analyse the data and use it to improve your future campaigns – which type of content receives the best response? Which subject lines get the best open rate? Are discounts driving better revenue than new product launches?

#8 Banish Post-Purchase Regret

Once a customer has purchased the journey doesn’t stop there! Make sure you delight your customer, and get them excited about the arrival of their product, with a follow-up confirmation email that’s tailored to them. It could include ‘How To’ guides to use their products, or user testimonial videos so that they can see how the product has delighted others.

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