Peaky Digital’s Virtual Easter Egg Hunt – 2022

By landing on this page, you’ve taken your first step on an exciting Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, running from the 11th – 18th of April 2022. The hunt will take you on a winding digital journey where you’ll discover and learn about a handful of noteworthy Cornish businesses – and score yourself a few goodies in the process!

What’s the Hunt All About?

As part of our commitment to shining a light on exceptional brands this Easter, we’ve partnered with several businesses. 

By participating, these businesses have a platform to showcase the awesome things they’re doing and give you – the public – some great offers on their goods.

How Does it Work?

There are a number of businesses participating in the hunt, each with a hidden egg somewhere on their website that must be found between 11th – 18th of April – giving you a whole week to get involved.

It’s up to you to find these eggs from their hiding places on specific web pages. When you do, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive discounts for that business.

There are some truly egg-celent rewards up for grabs when you spot the hidden egg on each website. These discount codes hidden inside each virtual egg can be used on the corresponding website to buy some delightful, authentic Cornish goods – from handmade chocolate to CBD drinks, wellness essentials to customisable gift boxes, and much more. There’s a lot to get excited about this Easter!

Find All the Eggs for a Special Peaky Prize…

Should you find all the eggs hidden across the participating business’s websites, let us know!  You’ll be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win a FREE Organic Social Strategy!


Which Businesses are Involved?

Cornish businesses are participating in the Virtual Easter Egg Hunt, all of which have discount codes up for grabs should you find the eggs hidden on their websites:

Josh’s Chocolate – Home of some of Cornwall’s finest chocolate creations. Since its creation in 2019, Josh’s Chocolate has gone from strength to strength and is the perfect candidate for an Easter treat!

Browse the site to find the Easter Egg for an exclusive discount.


Elements of Cornwall  – Bringing all the elements of Cornwall together to create perfectly packaged gift boxes. Perfect for sending gifts directly to friends or family. 

Find the Easter Egg on their site to receive 10% off your order.


rebilicious drinks

Rebelicious Drinks – The CBD-based drink company is perfect for those looking to find peace in their busy lives while sipping a refreshing drink. 

Fancy 20% off and free shipping? Take a look at their site to find the egg containing the exclusive code.


Olde Rope – An environment-orientated shop that believes in making the most from the resources already in circulation, making it the ideal place to buy new clothes for the environmentally conscious.

Explore their site to find the Easter Egg to gain 15% off your order.


black labrador in gencon-all-in-one collar

GenconGencon provides one of the simplest, most effective head collars on the market. A must-try if you have a four-legged friend that tends to get over-excited. 

Find the Easter Egg on their website for 10% off your order.


Aroma Home Are all about championing you become the very best version of yourself. They have a range of products to help you de-stress, relax and re-balance mind and body. The perfect treat for yourself or friends and family alike. 

Visit the website to find out more, find the Easter Egg and receive an exclusive discount. 


Love Golf ClothesBringing the latest in women’s designer golf wear, accessories and more. If you’re looking for technically superior niche brands, then look no further. Plot twist, the Easter Egg will be on their website over the Easter Weekend ONLY. Don’t miss out!


Handpicked Wine Box

Handpicked Wine Box Why receive a bottle when you can get a whole case? Handpicked Wine Box help take the hassle away from choosing great wine and as suggested in the name, every bottle is handpicked and tested by wine experts. 

Try it for yourself with 10% off when you spend over £100. The exclusive code is hidden somewhere on their site!


Cookie QueenIs it Easter without a tonne of chocolate? Take it to the next level with a wide variety of cookie creations from Cookie Queen. What’s more? Find our digital easter egg on their site and enjoy 20% off!


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