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We love social media and believe it is where your potential customers and influencers often are; we also think social conversation and building community is a brilliant way to communicate your brand. But it’s not about likes, followers and footprints, it’s about engagement and delight. Peaky Digital provides Bristol social media management, training and support, helping businesses use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Instagram to increase brand awareness and profitability.

Social Media Bristol

Social media marketing has exploded over the last few years with lots of brands starting to realise its potential. More and more companies are reaching and engaging consumers. With social media being one of the biggest and most accessible marketing opportunities, if there’s no strategy and it’s an unmanaged process it won’t be as effective as it could be and may even be damaging to your brand and reputation.

Social Media Campaigns Bristol

Whether you’re launching a new product or want to increase revenue, a targeted social media campaign will reach consumers and engage them. We know our way around social media platforms like the back of our hand and would love to help with your social media campaigns.

Social media management Bristol

Social media should be a key focus when it comes to your digital strategy and engaging your audience. However, properly managing your channels can be time-consuming. We’ll take all aspects of social media management off your hands, and create a multi-channel social media presence and strategy that reflects your targets and creates a buzz around your brand.

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