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At Peaky Digital we focus our efforts in content strategy and the creation of inspiring digital content. That could be a campaign to attract fresh eyes on your brand, products or services or producing an engaging infographic to add more punch to a social post.

Some companies don’t realise the many benefits that having a social media presence can bring for them. Not only can brand awareness be managed, but a community of existing and potential customers can be created and interacted with. The reputation of your brand plays a huge part before customers make a purchase.

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Social Media Management Derby

Here at Peaky Digital we encourage our clients to promote their brand through their social media and express the company behind the product or service. This will appeal to existing customers as well as enticing new ones.

The first thing to consider when choosing to get involved in social media is your strategy. If you are not clear how you will use social media, then you need to be. Outlining a social media strategy will help you decide the tone of voice for your brand online, who will resource the channel and whether this is during UK office hours only or whether you will go for it 24/7.

A strategy will also help you to decide what you expect to get from these channels. It is too simplistic to expect that by merely tweeting once or twice a day will lead to a big upturn in sales for your company. If a lift in sales is what you are chasing then the strategy should help you to define exactly how you will achieve this.

So, when starting out in social media, the first place to visit is the drawing board. If you need help and guidance through putting together a social media strategy, then we can facilitate this for you.

We handle social media management for many Derby businesses in all sorts of sectors and we converse with tens of thousands of people a day in doing so. So you could say that we have form. Talk to us about what kind of social media solution might be right for your business.

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