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Pinterest Marketing —

Pinterest Marketing

Captivate your target audience with a vibrant Pinterest campaign worth shouting about.

Pinterest Marketing Overview


Pinterest for Business: A Powerful Marketing Tool

Pinterest is an excellent modern marketing powerhouse that effectively operates as its own search engine. It draws in users both looking for inspiration and who have the intention of shopping, making it highly valuable if you’re looking to maximise your ecommerce marketing efforts.

With potential customers coming directly to the platform with the intention of buying, it represents a fantastic opportunity for generating leads and getting your brand noticed where it matters.

An Unrivalled D2C Marketing Approach

If you’re a D2C business, Pinterest marketing is made for you. With a direct line to valuable users, the entire platform is your audience, effectively super-powering your D2C marketing strategy by showing off your brand to future customers – no barriers included.

Organic Pinterest Content that Relies on SEO

A huge advantage of organic Pinterest posts is their reliance on SEO. In addition to creating regular posts that highlight your brand and products, we’ll optimise these posts to help them rank better online, in turn pointing potential customers towards your site to maximise conversions. Find out more about how we do this by exploring our SEO service.

Curate On-Brand Visual Content with Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a must-have platform for any business that values showcasing its products to inspire an audience. With our Pinterest marketing expertise, we can use organic social media and paid social media advertising strategies to create pin-worthy imagery and addictively browsable boards. 

Using organic content, get noticed in search results and users’ feeds by getting your voice heard amidst the noise. With targeted advertising on Pinterest, your business can more directly appear to users on the platform who are likely to click through to your website.

Targeted Pinterest Advertising Campaigns to Captivate and Inspire

Showcase your work to a wider audience by promoting your unique content. By crunching the numbers and gaining a greater understanding of your industry’s landscape, we plug the content gaps left by your competitors to make you stand out. It’s all about showing off your brand’s personality with thoughtful, outside-of-the-box visuals, and our content creators can help you achieve Pinterest success.

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Our Strategy

Research & Strategy

We’ll sit down with you to understand what you’re hoping to get out of your Pinterest campaign. Thereafter, we review the current marketing landscape of your industry and catalogue our findings. This informs our approach to creating a bespoke marketing strategy that targets your ambitions and aligns with your business’s identity.

Whether you’re looking for an organic or paid approach – or, most effectively, a blended strategy that makes smart use of both – this process is entirely tailored to you.

Graphics and Asset Creation

Our talented team of visual artists get to work creating the visual assets that make up your Pinterest content. We can leverage our experience to source and create great photo and video content, as well as generate graphics that capture the heart and style of your brand. To do this, we take into account similar content on Pinterest that does well in your industry – and then disrupt this with noteworthy posts that both appeal to popular trends and offer your audience something new.

Data-Driven Performance Analysis

What’s life without a little data? We’ll closely monitor your campaigns and track their successes, as well as pinpoint focus areas for improvement moving forward. We leave nothing to chance, using raw numbers to better understand how to maintain your continued social media marketing success.

This is where creativity and technicality collide, with a marketing-first approach that still appeals to your audience without any technical speak.

Encouraging Community Engagement

We monitor your Pinterest following’s activity and cast the net even wider to delight new and existing fans alike. Using your unique tone of voice, we’ll encourage positive engagement and drive customers towards your website.

See your brand’s voice come to life in a visual format and start conversations with your audience to develop brand loyalty, making full use of Pinterest’s powerful potential as a marketing tool.

What We Offer

People are searching for what you have to sell. The problem is that if they don’t find you they can’t buy from you… and that’s costing you money (and a heap of frustration).

Organic & Paid Content Strategy

By taking in the competitive landscape and your desired KPIs, we’ll draw up an appropriate, bespoke plan of action to get you in the game.

Account Audits

If you have a Pinterest account that isn’t performing as it should, we’ll dig deep into the data and come up with actionable points to focus on moving forward.

Asset & Content Creation

By leaning into Pinterest’s visual-first nature, we’ll create gorgeous, on-brand visual assets that tell your story in a fresh, exciting way.

Account Reports & Insights

We’ll regularly check in and canvas your account, recording our findings so you can stay up to date on its performance.

Profile Management

We don’t do ‘one and done’. Your account is regularly managed by our social media specialists to ensure its SEO performance is sound and it’s attracting followers at the desired rate.

Audience Growth

The more the merrier. We constantly find and connect with new audiences to take your following further.

Community Management

Attracting followers is only the beginning. We will continually engage your audience to keep them invested in your brand.

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