Conversion Tracking

Whether or not you are just getting started with search engine advertising or you’re looking to improve your existing digital marketing efforts, you may want to take a look at conversion tracking. Conversion tracking provides an impressive insight into how well your digital marketing is working. This includes whether or not the right people are seeing your advertisements and what keywords are performing better than others. Simply, conversion tracking helps you to know if a digital marketing strategy is working as well as it could be.


Why Is Conversion Tracking Important?

  • It Shows Which Keywords Are Working – When you first start using Google AdWords, it isn’t always clear which keywords are working. However, conversion tracking provides a good insight. With this information, it’s possible to determine which keywords are providing the ROI that you expect from digital marketing. Plus, it highlights which keywords are not worth focusing on.


  • It Ensures Digital Marketing Efforts are Profitable – As is the case with any form of digital marketing, it’s important to know whether or not your budget is being used in a profitable way. Conversion tracking is a great way to highlight what is and what isn’t working. With this information, you are able to focus on the aspects of digital marketing that are the most worthwhile in terms of gaining leads and customers.


  • It Helps to Make Beneficial Digital Marketing Changes – Sometimes it’s difficult to know how and when to change a digital marketing campaign. However, change is often needed. If a Google AdWord campaign isn’t working, conversion tracking can provide information that will help you to make the necessary changes to ensure success. This could be changing the advertisement itself or focusing on a new keyword.


Conversion Tracking at Peaky Digital

Without a good understanding of digital marketing, conversion tracking can be complicated. Luckily, the Peaky Digital team are on hand to help. At Peaky Digital, we know that most businesses don’t have the time to worry about doing their own conversion tracking. Simply, it’s a time consuming and often confusing task. This is why we provide conversion tracking services to businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a startup that’s looking to build its brand or an established business that wants a greater insight into its digital marketing efforts, we’re on hand to help. To find out more about conversion tracking or any of our other digital marketing services, get in touch with Peaky Digital. Contact us today via the online contact form.

Why is CRO important for your business?


  • Better ROI – improving conversion metrics will deliver better ROI across all of your marketing channels

  • Cost-effective – converting more current visitors is cheaper than acquiring new visitors

  • More repeat custom – Make a website users love and they’ll come back, time and again

  • Split test new initiatives

  • Ongoing value – Improve your conversion metrics today, reap the rewards for years to come

  • Limitless potential – As trends and technologies change, the ability to convert more users increases, meaning there’s always room for improvement

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