Understand the data behind your performance online, and use it to create super-powered marketing strategies that will help you achieve success with our Analytics services.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Analytics is a powerful tool for brands. Drill down into your data and use it to learn more about your audiences and how they engage with your business. Turn that data into an efficient marketing strategy that targets the right individuals with the right content at the right time. Our Analytics consultancy gives you the data you need to make informed choices about which channels are working, and how to optimise your presence online.


Analyse Your Data Effectively 

Our specialists are experienced at analysing streams of Analytics data to produced informative reports that will drive your marketing strategy forward. We can analyse retrospective data to formulate actionable insight reports, or track ongoing growth and evaluate real time marketing experiments and campaigns to understand the results in granular detail. With our expert tracking you can get data on the micro-actions and behaviours your audiences take when interacting with your website. 


Build Powerful Digital Strategies

Our Analytics insights can be used as a foundation for your digital marketing strategy – helping you make data-driven decisions to formulate a robust plan for improving your visibility online. Understand the channels that drive revenue, the audiences that engage with your business and use this data to create a blueprint for digital success.

Understand Your Audience With Customer Personas 

One of your most powerful marketing assets is a customer persona supported by intricate data. Target your messages at the right people and find out who’s really using your website with our Analytics reporting. Our team of experts can build you multiple customer personas built up of micro points including ages, interests, device usage, publications read, passions, pain points and more.

Actionable Insights To Support Your Marketing

Our Analytics reports include actionable insights that will help inform your marketing and streamline investment. Get a one-off report that acts as the foundations of your marketing strategy, or monitor changes in performance with ongoing monthly reports that will support your long-term digital plan. Each report includes our expert recommendations to help you translate your Analytics data into revenue. 

Bespoke Reporting

With our bespoke reporting dashboard you can get your Analytics data in a clear and concise presentation that’s easy to digest. Get comprehensive reports that focus on the KPI’s you select – measuring the variables that indicate success to you personally.

Make Sense Of Your Data

Understand your data streams and get the knowledge your team needs to make informed decisions. Our expert consultants can train your team in using Analytic’s full suite of tools – from event tracking and building audiences, to tracking conversion paths and understanding channel acquisition. Get tailored training that helps you make sense of the data at your disposal.

Get Support With Analytics Today

Find out more about our Analytics services today. From set-up, reporting and strategy, to training and consultation, our team can help you make the most of Analytics to drive your business goals. Get in touch here today!

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With all the digital marketing companies out there, we know it’s hard to know who to trust your campaigns with so don’t be shy to ask to see the results we’ve generated for our clients, or even speak to them to hear it first hand!

If you want to get things started with Peaky Digital, we start by auditing your digital marketing activity to date. We look at what’s worked with your target audience, and what’s not. More specifically, where are you getting the best cost-per-acquisition, and how can we improve on that? We explore everything you’ve been doing, and thoroughly benchmark you against your competitors


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Peaky Digital Names Cornwall Mind as Charity of the Year

Peaky Digital Names Cornwall Mind as Charity of the Year

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