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When it comes to implementing an SEO strategy as a business, it’s always best to seek the help of a professional SEO agency. As an SEO agency in Lincoln, Peaky Digital are here to help. We have worked hard for many years, constantly perfecting and practicing our SEO techniques and skills. This is how we’re able to offer an unmatched service to all of our clients, regardless of business size or type. However, how much do you really know about what an SEO agency does? Well, let us explain.

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What Does a Lincoln SEO Agency Do?


  • We Get to Know You and Your Business

We fully understand the importance of getting to know you and your business, which is why we take the time to do so with all of our customers. Whether you’re a small business or a large business, we dedicate a substantial amount of time to finding out anything that could help us to create an unmatched SEO strategy. This could be the history of the business, the type of brand you are trying to portray and what your future plans are. All of this is used to ensure the SEO work we do is personal and unique. After all, no two businesses are alike.


  • We Understand Your SEO Goals 

Every business will have a slightly different set of SEO goals, and we need to know these before starting. For example, you may be hoping to use SEO to gain new business or you may be hoping to use SEO to market a specific product. Whatever your goals are, we will tailor the SEO strategy towards them. This is a great way to ensure the strategy will work for your specific needs.


  • We Research Competitors and Your Target Market 

All businesses have competitors and therefore we do a fair amount of research into yours. We look at who they are and what they do, as well as how they are using SEO for themselves; this is a useful way of seeing what does and does not work in your specific industry. We also look into the target market and choose the SEO techniques that will work best. For example, businesses with a younger teenage market will need a slightly different approach to those who target parents or older couples.


  • We Create a Detailed SEO Strategy

The most important part of what we do as an SEO agency in Lincoln, is we create a detailed SEO strategy. We use a range of different SEO techniques and tools, to create a strategy that will achieve the best results. Instead of focusing on creating a strategy that is simple and easy we focus on creating a strategy that works, regardless of how complex. Once we have created a search engine optimisation strategy that we’re confident will work, we run everything by you. This allows you to offer any opinions and suggestions, as well as ask us questions.


  • We Implement SEO Techniques and Tools

The hardest part of working in SEO is implementing the different tools and techniques, ensuring they work. SEO needs to be consistently worked upon and everything must be frequently updated, so it’s definitely not a one-off job. We continue to work on the strategy until the desired results are achieved.


Expert SEO Agency in Lincoln

As you can see, the work of an SEO agency in Lincoln extends far beyond offering one or two simple SEO services. If you’re interested in starting SEO for your business or you’d like your existing strategy improved, we can help. Contact Peaky Digital today on 01872 302 371, 0115 977 5461 or online.

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