Boost your rankings on Google, increase inbound traffic and optimise your websites for best performance in the algorithms with our 1-day SEO course – available from the comfort of your own home.

How Search Engines Work
Learn how search engines “see” your website and how you can position your content so that it comes up in more searches and is discovered by more people.

Best Practice SEO
Learn the techniques behind best-in-class websites and gain the skills and tools you need to action them for your own brand.

Remote Tailored Training
Learn remotely with our online training courses that can be digested at your own speed.


Our live online training is an interactive educational course that will help your team upskill from beginner to expert in no time! Online training is ideal for many businesses,

  • Monitor performance in real-time and adapt training as needed
  • Work remotely
  • One-on-one consultation
  • Bespoke training tailored to your business 
  • Cost-saving on travel, accommodation & time resources
  • Fit into your schedule
  • Upskill multiple team members simultaneously 



Our 1-day online SEO training course will help you elevate your website to the top of Google and gain a full understanding of the algorithms and best-practices that influence search visibility. By the end of this 8-hr course you’ll have a thorough understanding of SEO fundamentals including technical considerations, page optimisation and link building. 

The digital learning course is ideal for beginners, or those looking to brush up on their skills and keep the right side of the latest Google webmaster guidelines.

Choose to run your course as a 1-day intensive training session, or break it into 1, 2 or 4-hr slots for bitesize learning – making the course completely flexible to your team’s schedule!

Our online SEO training courses include the following topics:

  • Key ranking factors for SEO
  • Understanding the Google SERPs
  • Google algorithms
  • SEO KPI’s & benchmarking tools
  • Competitor research
  • Keyword research and selection
  • Creating an SEO strategy
  • Technical SEO basics
  • Onsite optimisation
  • URL structures
  • Information architecture


We’re passionate about creating an interactive SEO course that will drive real results for your business. With your specialised online training you can expect:

Long Term Strategy: learn how to manage your resources effectively and implement SEO in a long-term digital strategy.

Mixed Learning Styles: our interactive online training courses is tailored to your learning style. With a mix of presentation, activities and discussion, we have plenty of engaging content for all types of student.

Relevant Analysis: each SEO course is tailored to you as an individual. That means the examples, SEO insights and practical recommendations will all be entirely relevant to your business and its goals.

Audience Insights: gain a solid understanding of your target audience on Google, the search terms they’ll use to find your business and where to find the data that makes up your customer persona.

Flexible Learning: undertake the SEO course as a 1-day comprehensive workshop, or split the learning into smaller bitesize learning sessions. With our digital training courses you can learn anytime from anywhere.

Post-course support: get access to all of your presentation slides, SEO templates to plan and apply your strategy, and most importantly – you’ll be buddied with one of our expert trainers to check in with and get advice on applying your newfound knowledge back in the office.



Delivered online, our courses are a cost-effective form of training to upskill your team and achieve success online. Order your course now to start learning today! 

Want a course that’s bespoke to you? Find out more about our combined digital training packages, or enquire about a specialised SEO course to suit your team. Get in touch with our experts today to find out more.