Equip yourself with the skills to transform your digital presence online. Our trusted digital marketing training courses will elevate your understanding of the digital landscape and give you the tools you need to utilise online success. Take the next step in your digital education today!


We provide a different kind of digital marketing training – a hands-on and engaging learning session that will leave you feeling like the expert. Our focussed training courses cover a range of key digital marketing areas. Explore our different courses below – or if you’re looking for something completely unique then get in touch today.

Online Training

Join the experts at Peaky Digital for a range of specialist online webinars and training sessions, designed to help you build your businesses online visibility and supercharge your ads from home.

Google Adwords

Drive immediate, targeted traffic to your site – without spending inefficiently. Take control of your account and drive conversions with our Adwords course.


Want to boost your rankings on Google? Find out the key factors that will please the algorithms and increase your inbound traffic from search engines with our comprehensive course.


Make data-led decisions and gain real insight into the behaviour of your website audience in a course that dives into just why Analytics is vital for online marketing success.

Social Media

Build a loyal and engaged audience and make social media work for your business! Delve into the paid and organic side of social media in our expert training session.

Digital Strategy

Build your roadmap for success! Identify an audience and evaluate the channels at your disposal to make a comprehensive digital strategy for your business that translates into sales online.

Bespoke Training Course

Does your business have requirements that don’t fit the mould? Want to learn in a way that’s tailored to you? Our bespoke training courses put you in complete control of our course content.


We’re passionate about crafting courses that you’ll love. Each digital training session is unique, but on every single one you can expect:

Long Term Strategy: learn how to maintain the progress you make on our course and funnel your kickstarted enthusiasm into long-term campaign management.

Mixed Learning Styles: audio, visual, kinaesthetic – we cater to all learning types with a mixture of presentation, discussion and practical activities.

Relevant Analysis: each course is tailored to you as an individual. Which means the examples, the learnings and the recommendations will all be entirely relevant to your business and its goals.

Audience Insights: gain a solid understanding of your target audience for each channel – and learn where to find the data that makes up this customer profile.

Easy-To Follow Education: Complete beginner, intermediate marketer or digital whizz? We scale and adapt the content of our courses depending on your experience – meaning you won’t waste time retreading old ground, or get lost in complex jargon! 

Post-course support: the learning doesn’t stop at the end of the day! Get access to presentation slides, templates for learning tool kits and most importantly – you’ll be buddied with one of our expert trainers to check in with and get advice on applying your new knowledge back in your role.

Who Are Our Course For

With our bespoke training, everyone can benefit from improved digital learnings. Our training courses are aimed at:

✔️ Organisations who want to achieve success
✔️ Traditional & Print Marketers who want to move into the digital landscape
Individuals who have a keen interest in digital
In-House teams who want the knowledge to do things themselves
Freelance digital marketers looking to expand their skillset


We’ve helped a host of industry-leading companies learn and apply our teachings to achieve digital success globally. Join the company of:

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