Part 4 – User Engagement

In part four of our complete guide to ranking factors, we talk about user engagement. The way your customers is interacting with your website are ranking factors. This is why content and clear call to actions are absolutely key. User experience of a website is crucial, and it’s becoming more and more important. The landing page of a website will decide whether or not the customers makes the final call to action required.

1. Click Through Rate

Pages with a higher click through rate are seen as having a higher relevancy and therefore, are given priority.

2. Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is a way Google can tell if once a customer arrives at your page, if what you are displaying is relevant and engaging.


Websites who receive more traffic and receive repeat traffic are deemed of a higher quality by Google.

4. Time spent on the Page

The amount of time someone spend on your website once they’ve arrived is a ranking factor.

5. Page Views

Similar to time spent on the page, there is a correlation between the number of pages people visit and higher rankings

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