Nottinghamshire Driving School approached us to work on their PPC and SEO campaigns, in order to drive enquiries from the website. They were using Google Adwords Express and spending a lot of budget with little return.


We created a whole new campaign from scratch, creating individual campaigns for each training course they provide.

This enabled us to create highly targeted campaign groups, with relevant adcopy, keywords and ad extensions therefore, increasing the overall quality score of the campaign.

We created two campaigns for each area, one which was geo-targeted to the East Midlands and one which was targeting the UK with city related terms. This ensured we were capitalising on all relevant search terms.



Increase In Enquiries


Increase in Average Search Position


Increase In Revenue


Increase In Conversion Rate


Decrease In Cost Per Conversion


Decrease In Bounce Rate


Decrease in Cost Per Click

Peaky Digital agreed to work for us as we had some very bad experiences with previous SEO companies who promised the world, took our money and couldn’t deliver.

The success of our business relies heavily upon SEO work and advertising. Natalie has managed to do in 2 months what others have failed to do in 8 months and she does exactly ‘what the tin says’. I cannot thank her enough for the digital marketing work she conducts on our behalf. She is always available to talk, return emails and attend important meetings.

We get regular updates about our progression on search engines and makes sure our money is spent on maximising the outcomes. She is very pleasant, professional and honest in all her dealings with us. She takes the hassle of working with our Web designer out of our hands and allows us to get on with our business knowing we are in safe hands.

Since starting to work with our Company she has increased phone calls, emails and profits by at least 20%. I wish we had met Natalie 18 months ago as we would be a much richer Company but the good news is she is on-board now and we do not intend letting her go anytime soon. If any Company Directors or Managers out there wish to speak to me direct please feel free to call me on 07976649785.    

Alan McClean – Operations Director

Nottinghamshire Driving School.

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