A lot of people see Bing as the underdog as it simply cannot compete with Google for traffic. However, Bing’s amount of searches are significantly growing, especially as all Microsoft phones automatically default to a Bing browser.

Bing has several advantages that we encourage our clients to be part of. Firstly, there is less competition on Bing, meaning lower cost per clicks and increased conversion rate. Bing’s users also spend 145% more online than the average internet searcher and 44% more online than Google Searchers!

Here are some facts you may not know about Bing:
• They have 29 million unique searchers in the UK
• There are 765 million monthly searchers in the UK
• Bing now equates to 18% of the UK search market
• People are using Bing in 35 different countries
• Bing experienced a 63% year on year increase in mobile CTR

The demographic of Bing is also slightly different to Google. You can expect the following from Bing customers:
• Mid to high income ranges between £35k – £50k annually
• Mature age groups, especially those 35+

Basically, Microsoft and Andriod phones are really helping Bing to increase their presence in the UK market making it a really important platform to consider when you’re implementing your marketing strategy.

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