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Instagram Guides: What Are They and How Can Brands Take Advantage Of Them?

by Saffron Cawley

Mar 28, 2022

Instagram Guides: What Are They and How Can Brands Take Advantage Of Them?

Time and time again, Instagram is quietly adding new features to their platform and for many, they are going under the radar. For the accounts that catch onto it early, they come across to their customers and followers as up to date and current. Instagram Guides are evidence of these sly features that they introduce yet are incredibly helpful for profiles that contain a fair amount of information. They are the perfect tool for sharing curated, scrollable content with your content. They act as an information point for users to consume a collection of posts, products or places in a simple format. 


Here at Peaky Digital, we specialise in optimising our client’s profiles to ensure that every time prospective followers land on their page, they have every reason to follow and engage. This is all part of our organic social media offering. 


What are Instagram Guides?

Instagram Guides are a combination of blog posts and carousels of images. Each guide includes a cover image, title, introduction and optional descriptions, so you can tell that it is Instagram’s move towards blog content. Once created, these guides will fall under their own tab on the user’s profile, these can then be shared via messages or on stories. 


The original inspiration for Instagram guides was for travel. A place for travel accounts to culminate all their holiday tips and pictures for specific locations all in one place. It was then extended to wellness guides in May 2020 as a result of travel restrictions. It was ultimately released to all accounts in November of 2021. 


How to utilise Instagram Guides for your brand

There are a plethora of ways to utilise this feature on Instagram which you can pin to your profile and drive more engagement. Below are a few ways you can use the Guide format to your advantage and elevate your profile.


Create a gift guide

This one is perfect for eCommerce brands, especially ones that use their social media to drive brand awareness. Instagram Guides are the perfect way to repurpose product listings into gift guides for holiday events such as Mother’s Day, Christmas and other holidays. 


Collaborating with an influencer or creator

Guides are a great way for brands to collaborate with other influencers on the platform. For example, if you were a womenswear brand and you’re working with a creator, you could culminate their style and thoughts in one place. The advantage of this is if someone views your profile and is a fan of the influencer, they have a place to go. 


Repurpose blog content for Guides

For brands who have websites where they upload regular blog content to improve internal SEO structure (we can do this for you if you don’t!), you could repurpose this content onto your Instagram. This works especially well if you have content themed around a number of tips or advice. 


Let Peaky Digital optimise your socials and see the results improve

Here at Peaky Digital, we’re experts when it comes to optimising your profiles. We have years of experience in making the most of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We have recently added TikTok to our arsenal, so if you want to tap into a platform with huge potential, we’re the agency for you! 

If you have any questions regarding our other services, such as PPC, Email or Consultancy, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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