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3 tactics to consider implementing in your social strategy this Christmas

by Poppy Hunt

Dec 8, 2021

3 tactics to consider implementing in your social strategy this Christmas

As we’ve just entered one of the busiest trading periods of the year, we’ve hardly had time to recoup our breath from Black Friday events. But now is the time to build on your November success. It is entirely possible that starting your planning for December, in December, won’t bear as much fruit as preparation months prior would. But this doesn’t mean it can’t be done. 


Join us as we delve into 3 of Peaky Digitals top tips to ensure your business utilises paid social and performs to its potential this Christmas.


Consider putting budget behind lead-generating campaigns


The phrase ‘IOS14.5’ is one said very quietly throughout marketing departments and agencies across the country, this is due to the havoc it has caused people in our roles over the past few months. It gave the consumer the option to opt out of things such as cookies of which are so vital in tracking the success of ad campaigns. 


The advantage of putting a portion of your budget into lead generation is that in the wake of the difficulty tracking as a result of IOS14.5 is that you can build up an email database with first-party data. This gives you the opportunity to approach your target audience through a different channel. Heading into the new year, building up this database will give you a good headstart on your marketing efforts in 2022. 


Generate buzz around your brand ahead of Sales to optimise conversions


Another tactic worth considering is teasing your sale event to the consumers before it actually gets underway. For example, if you have a Boxing Day or New Year sale, it’d be a good idea to begin to generate buzz around your brand. Utilising platforms such as Pinterest is key as it is a very visual platform that rewards the steady growth of brands advertising. 


Putting out teasers through Paid social will get your ads in front of new eyes, so you can consider these prospecting campaigns. You can then use the graphics to post to social media organically, which then is the remarketing aspect of your strategy ticked off also. 


Test relevant new copy up against proven performers


Refreshing your ad copy regularly to reflect current trends or events can be a useful tactic to increase conversions. Although you will face the mental battle of deciding what ad copy stays and what goes. Understanding what your target audience responds to however will help you create and adjust new copy to ensure it has the best chance of performing.


The nature of paid social that it won’t always work forever, so the constant evolution of copy is key to ensure the consumer doesn’t get bored of your ads. Taking inspiration from your best performing ad copy and format setup will stand you in the best stead. 


Is your business not currently utilising paid social? Well if they aren’t and you don’t want to miss out any longer, get in touch with the experts. We’d love to hear more about your business/project, get in touch here. One of our brilliant team is willing and ready to help!

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