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Key Digital PR Takeaways From BrightonSEO

by Saffron Cawley

Oct 20, 2021

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Since attending BrightonSEO, we’ve been implementing the wealth of knowledge we learnt from the event into our various strategies. We recently touched on some of the best knowledge we learnt about content marketing – today, we’re going to discuss some of the most significant digital PR takeaways from the in-person BrightonSEO event!

Effective digital PR is a crucial element of link building and SEO. If you’d like to learn more about digital PR and even build links when you aren’t backed by a huge campaign, check out our recent blog with all of our top tips!


Create A Buzz Around Products Or Services You Already Rank For

It seems simple, doesn’t it? 

There’s more to it than you think. Instead of outreaching information about a product to journalists who may have never heard about your brand before, this can be more effective when there’s already talk of your product or service. Firstly, begin outreaching your products that you already highly rank for, looking for product reviews and exposure – this is where influencers and bloggers come in really handy.

If this is exposed to the correct influencers, bloggers and (most importantly) audience, this can create a trend and buzz around your product. This is then the perfect opportunity to begin outreaching to journalists! Instead of just outreaching a simple PR piece about your product, you have a whole trend to talk about – and you’re the only person who can explain where this trend came from! This will also give you heaps of content to talk about on your organic socials, paid campaigns and throughout your email marketing!

Two birds, one stone.

Using Seasonality and Awareness Days For Effective Link Building

Seasonality is a great content pillar to generate some gripping PR ideas. Let’s take summer for example – anything from the beach to swimwear, hay fever or holidays can be used as the basis of a title… There’s something for every client! 

These days, there’s an awareness day for just about anything – our favourite being Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day. This is a great content pillar for an exciting and unique PR piece, which can also be used as a relevant hook for journalists who need to act on it within a specific timeframe. Furthermore, try and utilse less well known national days to produce unique and eye-catching headlines. 

Choosing recurring events is also a great way to build up a history of PR pieces that can be recycled each month, season or year. Whether it’s the monthly full moon or a local seasonal event – there’s always a spin that can be created and thus recycled time and time again. 


Content That Generates Its Own Links 

Although it’s great to be reactive and create a digital PR campaign that is in line with recent events, this will only gain links while it’s current and trendy. Creating a statistical based campaign that is full of accurate information, facts and figures can be used as a source for other journalists and PR companies for many years to come – thus, earning you links time and time again!

You can use online tools such as Google Trends, Buzz Sumo and The Office For National Statistics to research trending topics and accurate statistics. With this information, you can create assets that people look for when their search intent is to find a source to cite – just like that, you’ll be gaining links in the future without even trying! 


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At Peaky Digital, we’re constantly learning new tips and tricks to incorporate into our strategies. Get in contact with us today to take your digital PR to the next level. We can also help you reach new heights when it comes to SEO, Paid Social Media, PPC, Email Marketing, Organic Social Media and much more. 


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