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What Really Influences Your Google Rank?

by Justin Prinsloo

Oct 6, 2021, , ,

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Understanding What Google is Looking for On Your Website

When optimising your website, you probably want to know what SEO strategy will influence your website rank the most. 

Many SEO strategies need to work in conjunction with one another in order to drive relevant traffic to your website. There are 3 main components that you should be focusing on to ensure your website is optimised. 

So, let’s break them down so you can understand what they are and how they can influence your Google rank.

Produce Original, High-Quality Content

Original content for your website is all about creating authentic, useful and relevant content for your audience. If you want to drive traffic to your site, you need to be offering your audience content that only you can provide. 

Google’s goal when ranking websites is to provide the most relevant content to its users, so this is why it’s important to create high-quality content that is engaging and useful. This can be anything from product pages and videos to blog posts and infographics. 

This type of original content makes your website seem trustworthy and relevant to Google, which will positively influence your SEO performance.

Backlinks Are Your Friend

Backlinks are hyperlinks that direct users onto other websites, creating an intuitive browsing experience. 

This can sound daunting at first; you may be asking, “Why would I want to direct my users away from my website?” In fact, using backlinks can be a powerful ranking tool, as Google interprets backlinks as third party votes. It’s important to establish links to trustworthy, popular sites – even if they’re links away from your site – because this will reflect on how Google views your website, in turn influencing your Google ranking. 

Of course, first prize is attaining links from said trustworthy sites back to your site, which can be achieved with a strong linkbuilding campaign. See our Digital PR service to find out more about how to go about attaining these links.

Don’t Shy Away from Technical SEO 

Technical SEO is all about the advanced aspects of your website that can affect your ranking. Technical SEO can improve many aspects of your website, such as faster loading times for pages and making it easier for Google to crawl and understand your site as a whole. 

These may sound like really basic strategies, but if Google can’t work out the internal structure of your website – or takes too long getting around it – it will negatively impact your SEO performance. 

You can optimise your technical SEO by making sure your website has no broken or dead links, is secure for users, and has fast navigation by adding in well-placed internal links. By focusing on these elements, Google will view your site as credible and useful for users and this will influence your rank. 

Use a Combination of All the Above SEO Tips

In order to influence your website’s Google ranking, you need to use a comprehensive SEO strategy to create a strong campaign that will drive traffic to your website and increase your rank. 

Despite each component of SEO acting as a powerful tool to drive traffic and increase your ranking, they can’t work without each other. 

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