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Getting Started with LinkedIn Message Ads Campaigns

by Chloe Davisön

Mar 12, 2021, ,

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The newly named LinkedIn Message Ads, formerly known as LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, allows LinkedIn users like you and I to send engaging messages directly to other users. You might be wondering what’s so special about Message Ads and why should I pay for this when I can send messages already free of charge? To shed some light on this, we’ve been digging into the benefits and how-tos of LinkedIn Message Ads that will help you take your business lead generation to the next level.

LinkedIn Message Ads in a Nutshell

Effectively LinkedIn Message Ads is another paid-for feature to add to your marketing and specifically, social media marketing tool kit. In its simplest form, this messaging approach allows you to communicate with other relevant users across LinkedIn, often referred to as prospects. However, one of the most important advantages of this is the ability to message people you’re not already connected to and create an opening message without the disturbance of character limits.

Why Start Using LinkedIn Message Ads?

By using this paid for approach, you get access to a variety of favourable features that will enhance and refine your lead generation. This form of paid advertising through LinkedIn is preferred for its direct and targeted approach; sparking important initial conversations with audiences that are most likely to engage with you. LinkedIn are so sure of this, they claim more than one in 2 prospects will open up a message ad.

Message Ads allow you to approach highly relevant audiences, provide the ability to create message copy without character limits looming over your shoulder and crucially, they’re far less likely to be ignored. Whereas sponsored posts can get left by the wayside whilst you scroll on by, with a paid-for message, you will receive a notification and the message will reside in your inbox waiting to be read.

Key Points to Get Started with Your Message Ads Campaign


Select the Objective That Best Suits Your Needs

When setting up your campaign, tailor it to the area you’re looking to focus on most. This could be increasing brand awareness, growing your website traffic, generating website conversions or recruitment outreach. From here, ensure that the message you create is succinct with the desired goal to enhance your chances of persuading your prospect to engage.

Be Smart in Selecting Your Target Audience

LinkedIn is able to provide outstanding criteria for targeting your audience. This acts as an additional function to help you get the most from your ad spend and deliver your message to those that matter most. For this, it’s best to focus on attributes to your target audience such as industry, position, level of education and much more!

Take Advantage of the Reporting Insights

The data you are able to collect is an extremely valuable part of your Message Ads efforts so it’s wise to take the time to analyse what is happening. Learn more about the demographics that engage best, the opening rate of your messages and most importantly, use this to influence your future messaging campaigns.


Explore the Potential of Social Advertising for Your Business

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