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The 2021 Digital Marketing Playbook

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The time has come to scope out the digital landscape of the marketing world. What will digital marketing look and feel like in 2021 and how do you prepare yourself for it? Sure, trends and habits shift and as we can’t predict the future, although a fundamental part of digital marketing is being reactive. At Peaky Digital, we find that three-month strategies are a great way for coping with change and ensuring your marketing efforts remain current. So, let’s dive into some of the key points that we think will feature in the 2021 digital marketing playbook.

The Rise of Influencer Marketing

Influencers aren’t a part of digital marketing that is shockingly new for this year, but it is proving to be effective. Similarly to the typed reviews we find ourselves scrolling through from behind a screen, influencers provide a personal insight into a particular product or service.

Importantly, information of this kind delivered in a personal approach is something that we, as fellow human beings, can highly relate to. It breaks down the barriers between business and consumer, showcases the product or service in a real life setting and as costumers, we’re proving that it works.

E-commerce and PPC Advertising

E-commerce has been securing its dominance over the high street for some time now, although in 2020 online shopping and pay per click advertising (PPC) really went full swing. With fewer people visiting physical stores, attracting customers online has started to become more of a priority.

For businesses that are just starting up with online stores or have a weaker organic domain authority, PPC advertising can produce fast and fruitful results. Paid advertising can be created instantly, immediately increasing your products and services visibility and enabling your business to remain competitive in the market.

Email Marketing

Getting closer to your clients and tailoring your marketing to suit their needs is certainly one to watch out for in 2021. Email marketing is a practical and effective way to do this. Segment your mailing list into categorised groups and send highly relevant emails for a more personalised approach.

After all, who wouldn’t love a happy birthday email with exclusive offers from their favourite brand on their birthday?

Facebook Remarketing

The social media giant has made its way into the digital marketing playbook but why Facebook and why remarketing?

Facebook is one of the leading ways to target and especially retarget those that already know about your brand. By remarketing to an audience that is already familiar with your business or has engaged in some way, increases the likelihood of the user turning into a consumer. With such a vast and active audience at your fingertips, find out how Facebook can boost your business this year.


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