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Designing a LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy to Get You Noticed

by Ben Clements

Jan 25, 2021, ,

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Social media marketing has solidified its spot within the marketing mix, with most, if not all businesses having some kind of social media presence. The sheer size of the potential audience and brand visibility that can be gained is too great to ignore. Of the social channels that are at our disposal, there are none quite like LinkedIn from a business to business (B2B) perspective. With over 722 million professional members using the platform, LinkedIn is a worthwhile area to build a presence, showcase business offerings and form connections. Here are some of our top tips to designing a LinkedIn content marketing strategy that will help to get you noticed.


Have a Plan in Place

This is the more obvious and straightforward point, although it counts for a lot. Having a clear idea of the necessary steps within your LinkedIn content marketing plan will help you to understand what works well and why, the content that isn’t as engaging and ultimately it will help you stick to the plan.

Put the time in to do some research. What sort of content do your competitors utlise? Does it appear to be successful for them and would it work for you? And what’s the content that you find appealing on your feed? This will help you to start shaping your strategy to suit your business.


Be Reactive and Keep Up with the Now

Posting content that is relevant and up to date will boost your engagement. Instead of reacting to content on LinkedIn that is so last week, being proactive and posting or commenting in a timely manner will be much more effective.

Be aware of trends that you know are approaching throughout the year and have time dedicated to reacting to what is happening. These could be national days or weekly awareness such as Mental Health Awareness Week and Red Nose Day.


Encourage Employees to Engage with Your Company Page

A LinkedIn company page is a team effort and collectively colleagues can make a real impact. With each person having their own set of connections, a simple like, comment or share on a company post can go a long way.

Help your team to understand the benefits of LinkedIn by bringing everyone up to speed with what it is you’re doing and why; not everyone will be as confident with the platform as others. You can also try sending out company updates when a post goes live to boost engagement.


Optimise Your Company Page Information

Within the places you can amend that are relevant to your business there’s the potential for the content to be optimsed. Similarly to optimising your website, LinkedIn has areas where you can include keywords and search terms; these being the company description and specialities section.

Ensure that the company description is punctual, informative and full of terms relevant to your brand. For specialities, you can clearly highlight key business offerings and with space for up to 20, make sure you list all worthwhile points.


Social Media Marketing with Peaky Digital

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