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How Can Advertising on Amazon Enhance Your Business?

by Ben Clements

Dec 11, 2020, ,

Amazon shopping app on a device screen

There’s no denying that Amazon is a popular platform for consumers purchasing products and one that is continuing to increase in demand. According to Amazon, consumers not only engage with the platform to buy products, 80% of Amazon customers use it to discover new products or brands. Sellers on Amazon have been presented with the opportunity to advertise their offerings with paid for, sponsored advertisements, similar to that of Google PPC. With such a broad audience present, Amazon marketing can be a great way to boost brand visibility and encourage consumers to convert.


An Advertising Platform Growing in Importance

The more apparent and go to advertising opportunities might be considered to be Google and Facebook, although Amazon now is making a name for itself. Just as Amazon has solidified its place as a dominant e-commerce platform, it can be expected that Amazon will continue to strengthen their advertising solutions as time goes on. If your business is not already promoting itself on Amazon, it could be well worth adding this to its existing paid for advertising initiatives.


Extend Your Reach and Engage with New Audiences

Google and Facebook advertising efforts will place your business in front of new audiences that have the potential to convert into paying customers and advertising Amazon on can also do just that. When promoting products on Amazon, the campaign manager will begin to collate data on what audiences engage with your items most. As you gather greater amounts of information, this will enable you to better define your target audience and those that convert best.


Get Ahead of Your Competitors

In 2018, Amazon rebranded Amazon Marketing Services to what it is now referred to as Amazon Advertising; with its shiny new title it’s not something that’s been around for all that long. Many businesses, (and as you’re reading this you may be one of them) engage with advertising through Google Ads and possibly Facebook but might not necessarily be using Amazon to promote products. If this is the case, this opens up a golden opportunity to differentiate from the competition and unlock a new area of potential sales brand visibility.


Give Your Amazon Account A Helping Hand

As a company that’s core offering is selling products and revolves around e-commerce, the likelihood is that if it suits your business offerings your items will be listed on Amazon; and if they aren’t it’s definitely worth considering. Once you have an inventory on Amazon, utilising Amazon Advertising is a highly complementary tool that can be a great boost to your product sales and extend the reach of your audience. What’s more, you can start to better understand your products by listing them in separate ad groups to determine positive and poor performers and focus your budget more on those that produce good returns.


Start Advertising on Amazon Today

Amazon Advertising could be a great opportunity for your e-commerce business to grow sales and reach new, untouched audiences. At Peaky Digital, we can assist you with your advertising efforts by creating campaigns, tracking and optimising performance and overseeing the running of your account. Our specialist team can have your sponsored products running in next to no time, so there is still plenty of time to start advertising for the Christmas, New Year and the holiday season. Get in touch with us today if this is something that is of interest to you and your business.

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