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Get Ahead and Schedule Your Instagram Posts

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Time is precious and if you can save time in one area, that gives you the opportunity to dedicate more resources to others. Instagram is up there with the most used social media platforms and it’s safe to say, managing an Instagram account, along with all the other social channels we use, can be time consuming. That’s where Instagram scheduling comes in and it’s a great way to reclaim your time and boost your creativity.

Schedule Posts and Save Time

As mentioned, an Instagram scheduler is an efficient way to plan and upload posts allowing time and resources to be applied elsewhere. Essentially, when using a scheduling tool you can upload your media to one convenient location, prewrite copy and hashtags relating to each post, as well as, set the post to upload at the exact right time for your target audience.

Rather than starting from scratch each time you want to post, you can get a week’s worth of posts ready on Monday, then sit back, relax and let the scheduling tool do the rest.

Give Your Feed That Designer Feel

When a user (old or new) lands on your page, it is a crucial time to grab their attention and encourage them to scroll. When uploading individual posts, you’re somewhat unaware of what your feed is going to look like in a few posts time. With a scheduling tool, you can add your posts and reassemble them as many times as you like before going live. This way, your content will be more much structured and thought out, giving it that professionally designed aesthetic.

Simplify the Process

Why make running an business Instagram account more of a task than it needs to be when there is a simpler way to go about things? One of the main reasons it takes so long to upload separate posts is the constant switching between tabs. Simplify the process and get everything in one place with a scheduling tool. What is more, those core, golden hashtags you use over and over again can easily be copied and pasted into all of your posts. Not to say that you can’t keep things mobile, scheduling tools can still be used from your phone but sometimes it’s easier to work from a computer.

More Engagement, More Followers

Ultimately with an Instagram business account, you want to increase your reach, promote the products and services you offer and grow your brand. Incorporating an Instagram scheduling tool into your marketing strategy will make the process more efficient and your posts more effective. The more people that like and engage with your content the better. Get ahead on Instagram with a scheduling tool and give your account a professional appearance.

At Peaky Digital, digital is in our nature and we have extensive experience using Instagram scheduling tools to support our clients social media initiatives. Let us work with you to get your Instagram feed going in the right direction. Don’t just take our word for it though, you can find out what our clients think about us and how we have helped them optimise their brands. Get in touch with our team today to find out more.


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