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Get Your Business Black Friday Ready

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One of the biggest shopping days for online retailers, Black Friday, is fast approaching and is set to be 24 hours of swarming sales and discounts galore. For many, Black Friday presents a worthwhile opportunity to increase online store traffic and maximise on sale conversions. If you are running an online business, it is beneficial to have a strategy in place to grab your audience’s attention and give end-of-year sales a boost. Take a look at our top Black Friday tips for 2020.

Push for Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is an extremely versatile method of marketing and can be tailored directly to your target audience. Not only this, but PPC is an excellent technique to advertise products, and fast. The speed and flexibility of PPC makes it a great way to get products in front of your customers and potential customers for a specific period of promotional time. In addition to this, the results from PPC advertising are almost instantaneous, allowing you to tweak and tailor your strategy as you go. At Peaky Digital, our team knows more than a thing or two about effective PPC. Find out how we can influence your marketing strategy this Black Friday.

Re-engaging shoppers that abandon cart

We all do it, flick through an online store, fill up the basket, then click off the browser and don’t make a purchase. Customers not converting is just one of those things when it comes to ecommerce but there are ways to re-engage with your audience and convince them to convert. One of the ways we help our clients overcome this is through email marketing. The benefit of using email marketing is that you are able to identify exactly which customers have abandoned their basket. Furthermore, using email marketing at this stage in the clients journey enables you to engage with your audience and entice them to complete their purchase; this could be through a simple reminder or a tailored promotion. Just because a potential customer dropped off doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to come back and make a purchase.

Don’t start your marketing on Friday, be ahead of the game

Why wait until the end of November to generate a buzz around what’s on offer for this years Black Friday’s sales? By executing a marketing strategy early on, you can begin to create awareness and build brand recognition ahead of time. At Peaky Digital, we use social media marketing as an effective way to connect our clients with the audience who will best share and boost their brand. Utlising social channels enables you to highlight popular products and build brand awareness that can develop over time, or in this case throughout the month of November. So that when Black Friday arrives, your business what you offer remains at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

Make sure your store is Black Friday ready and don’t miss out on one of the busiest ecommerce days of the year. Implement the strategy that best suits your business and your target audience in order to maximise on sales this November. Get in touch with us if you require any additional support with your marketing initiatives; whether it be social media marketing, PPC advertising, email campaigns or much more, a member of our team would be happy to help.

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