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5 Content Ideas To Create Revenue-Driving Adverts

by Chloe Davisön

Aug 19, 2020,

digital marketing agency

In a crowded marketplace, brands need to use eye-catching and informative adverts to cut through the noise. But which adverts are the most effective at getting your customers to convert?

If you’re looking to create revenue-driving posts that will get your audience to take action, see some of our top creative recommendations for your advertising content:


#1 Highlight The Benefits Of Your Products

If your customer can imagine themselves using your product, and how it will change their life, then  they’re more likely to purchase. Highlight the benefits of your product, and what it can bring to a lifestyle without the user having to make any sacrifices. Listing your USPs and benefits is also a great way of distinguishing yourselves from competitors online.


#2 Use ‘How To’ Videos

‘How To’ and user guides are a great way to provide an informative and engaging piece of content. Users will want to watch your video to learn something useful, during which you can push your product or services in a natural way. ‘How To’ guides are also a great form of lead generation – you can request a users details in exchange for their information.


#3 Testimonials & Case Studies

Build credibility and trust with your audience through testimonials. Testimonials are dynamic user-generated content pieces will help your audience relate to how the product could also benefit them. Using multiple testimonials linked together is also a powerful way to create a narrative, making your advert flow well for viewers.


#4 Lead With a Sale

Pushing your sale or special offer is a great way to encourage customers to convert. Not only will users think they’re getting a good deal, but an offer puts a limited timeframe on users purchasing – increasing the urgency for them to act before they miss out.


#5 Use Moving Gifs

Gifs are a great way to get your images to stand out! With an eye-catching gif, you can create a striking advert that users will notice and generate more awareness than through a traditional static image.


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