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Google Currents Launches to Replace Google Plus

by Jamie MacKenzie

Aug 12, 2020, ,

peaky digital

There are always new systems, softwares and programs being introduced into the digital world. If you know anything about digital marketing, you will know that the same can be said for Google. As a company, Google regularly provides updates and new services to users. Whether it’s an updated way of advertising via PPC or a new algorithm to change the way search engine optimisation works, it is very important to keep up to date with what Google is doing.

As of the beginning of July, Google released Google Currents to G Suite users. Though it has been in the testing stages for a while, Google Currents is now readily available for all users to enjoy. Google Current is a replacement for the previously popular Google Plus. When Google Plus began to attract fewer and fewer users, Google implemented an alternative. Google Currents is being hailed as an up to date, improved version of Google+.


Key Things to Know About The Google Currents Launch

  • Google Currents has been described as an online tool that will allow businesses to engage with their employees, have discussions and share information.
  • Google+ users will be switched over to Google Currents automatically, where they will benefit from a range of additional features and a new design look.
  • Google Currents allows users to moderate content and give administrative privileges, both of which were not key features of Google+.
  • Existing links will continue to work, even though Google+ is no longer operational. These links will automatically redirect website visitors to URLs instead.
  • Google Currents boasts a home stream and this can be ordered in two ways, chronologically or by relevance. From the home stream, Google Currents users can share documents.
  • On Google Currents, users can share a range of content from their Google Drive accounts. This includes links, images, text, polls and documents.


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