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5 Ways To Maximise Your Blog’s Reach

by India Gumbley

Aug 6, 2020, ,

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Have you created a piece of killer content that you want to get noticed? Blogs can take a lot of time and resource, so make sure that you make the most of them once they’re finished! Don’t just let your blog get lost, tucked away in the news section of your website. See some of our top ways to increase its reach and turn your article into a valuable content marketing asset for your business:


#1 Publish It On Social Media

Promoting your blogs across your channels is a great way to get fresh, engaging content on Social Media and to give your article an extra push. Don’t be afraid to repurpose your content either  – as long as the information in the article is still accurate, you can republish every so often in a ‘one from the archives’ style post.


#2 Send It Out In Your Email Roundup

Ensure that your customers see your latest article by including it in your next email campaign. You can make your blog the subject of your email, or simply include it in a ‘news roundup’ at the bottom, driving a call-to-action for users to read more.


#3 Turn It Into A Downloadable White-Paper

Is your blog a how-to-guide, checklist or contains information useful to your customers? Try turning it into downloadable white-paper and use it as a lead generation tool! By turning your article into a white-paper you’re positioning it as a useful asset to your customers, and causing them to take an action on your website – the method of which can even be used as a form of data capture to turn them into a lead. Turning your blog into a white-paper means that you can promote it more efficiently, using it as a hook on your paid advertising across Social Media and Google.


#4 Publish It In A Guest Publication

Would your article be suited to an audience of another publication? Pitch your blog to that publication and, if you’re published, you can enjoy reaching a whole new pool of readers. Many publications promote their articles across their own Social Media, giving you an added boost of exposure, and may even link back to your website within the article – helping your domain build much-needed authority.


#5 Display It Prominently On Your Website

Can audiences easily find articles on your website? The blog section is a great way to keep users on your site for longer, provide information that will nurture them to conversion and help position yourself as an industry leader – so it’s vital that it’s easy to find. Make sure to include it in the main navigation of your website, or even feature a carousel of your latest blog articles somewhere on your homepage.


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