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Why It’s The Perfect Time To Plan For Christmas

by India Gumbley

Jun 15, 2020

ecommerce marketing

Why It’s The Perfect Time To Plan For Christmas
In such an uncertain, and stressful, time for businesses it can be easy to operate on a day-to-day basis and not think to the future. For many brands, December is the last thing on their mind – but Christmas is the exact thing your business should be thinking about right now! Learn more about why it’s the perfect time to plan for Christmas, and some top tips to get started on your upcoming campaign:

Use Your Resources Effectively
Is your business limited to the amount of work it can carry out at the moment? Have you seen a lull in customers? Use your spare resources effectively and plan for long-term success with Christmas campaigns that will help you rocket to success in the Winter months.

Competition Is Set To Get Even Tougher
With the interruption of Covid-19, businesses across all sectors have been impacted for the first half of this year –– meaning they’re scrambling to recoup their revenue in the second half. Many bigger brands have seen their marketing budgets shifted to the end of 2020, which means November and December are going to be very competitive months! Make sure you stand out in a crowded marketplace with well-thought out campaigns that capture your audience’s attention. 

How To Start Planning Your Christmas Campaigns

Think Of Your USP
How will you stand out this Christmas? Will you use an offer, push a collection or use emotive storytelling? Decdie on the angle of your Christmas campaign in advance so that you can create supporting assets, such as images and videos, with plenty of time to spare. 

Plan Your Channels
Which channels will you be promoting your Christmas campaigns across? Social Media, Email and Google Ads are just some of the platforms you can deliver your message. Plan your channels, and your budget, in advance to ensure that you’re getting maximum reach.

Optimise Your Products & Collection Pages
Give your products the best chance of surfacing with well optimised descriptions, schema mark-up and SEO best practice techniques. SEO can be a slow-burner, so the earlier you get your website in order, the better! Bulk out product descriptions with rich, relevant information and create your Christmas collection page in advance to get it performing as well as possible. Don’t use a date in the URL (e.g. 2020) and you’ll be able to keep the same page, with a stronger authority, for next year’s campaign.

Create A Lookbook
If you’re a retail brand, then putting together a cookbook or gift guide is the perfect solution for journalists and publications on the hunt for Christmas picks. Create a visually-striking leaflet that gives useful, easy-to-digest information about your products, and send it out to the publications you want to feature in.

Plan Your Offers
Will you be running any offers or discount over Black Friday and Christmas? Will they use codes, or be automatically applied at checkout? Make sure you have these planned in advance so that you can include them in promotional materials. 

Build Your Audiences
Remarketing is a powerful tool to target previous visitors to your website at a  low cost-per-click. Set your audiences up in Analytics now and by Christmas you’ll have a huge populated list of customers to market to! 

Get Support With Your Christmas Campaign Today
Do you want help creating a Christmas strategy that will transform your sales online? Get in touch with our team today to discuss your next campaign! 

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