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Boost Your Social Conversions With Instagram Shopping

by Francesca Hampshaw

May 20, 2020

instagram shopping

Are you looking to turn your Social Media platforms into a high-converting channel? Instagram’s Shopping feature is one of the most effective ways to take your Instagram from simply a lifestyle photography account to a converting shopfront. Find out more about the feature for retailers, here:

What Is Instagram Shopping?
Instagram Shopping is a feature that allows you to use Instagram as your online shopfront. When users click on a tagged product from your inventory they can head straight to a purchase screen containing all the relevant details and where they can buy your product.

The Benefits Of Instagram Shopping
The main benefit of Instagram Shopping comes from the seamless customer conversion experience. Previously, if a customer saw a product they liked on your Instagram they would have to head over to your website and search it out. This left the process vulnerable to a high number of customers dropping out of the funnel. Now they can purchase in just a couple of clicks, making it a hassle-free experience with higher conversion rates.

How To Set-Up Shopping On Instagram

#1 Upload Your Products To Facebook
Your Instagram Shopping feature works from your product feed that is pulled through from Facebook. Make sure your product catalogue is uploaded to your Facebook Shop and that it is connected to your Instagram account. 

#2 Go To The Products Section On Your Instagram Account
You can find this under the ‘options’ tab on your Instagram account. Make sure that you’re using the latest version of the app, and that you have a business Instagram account set-up already. 

#3 Authenticate Your Profile Via Facebook
This ensures that your chosen Instagram inventory is synced, ready for you to start posting.

#4 Create Your Post & Tag Your Products
You’re now ready to use the Instagram shopping feature! Upload your product photo as normal. On the same screen as your caption page you’ll now have the option to tag your product. You can do this by tagging as if you were normally tagging a person, and then selecting the desired product from the options that appear.

#5 Tag Multiple Products
You can tag up to five products per photo, so if you’re using a collection image this gives you the option to tag multiple items. 

Get Help Setting Up Your Instagram Shopping
If your business needs support setting up your Facebook or Instagram shopping inventory then get in touch with our team today! Contact us today to discuss your Social Media campaign.

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