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Why Analytics Is A Vital Part Of Your Covid-19 Marketing Strategy

by India Gumbley

May 14, 2020

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Covid-19 has impacted businesses across all sectors – meaning companies are having to review and revise their marketing strategy quickly to adapt. Google Ads, Social Media, SEO, Affiliate platforms and email marketing are just some of the channels being analysed – but is your business forgetting one of its most powerful assets?

Analytics is a vital marketing tool that is often overlooked by companies but it could hold the key to success for industries recovering from a drop in the market. Find out more below:

What Is Google Analytics Used For?
Google Analytics is a free tool offered by Google for websites to monitor the traffic coming to their website. The platform tracks and reports website users, providing a wealth of data. Marketers can take this stream of information, such as age, device, time spent on site, bounce rate, goals driven and user location, and turn it into actionable insights that can help improve their online performance.

How Can It Help My Marketing Strategy Right Now?
Analytics is playing a hugely important role for marketers right now for a number of reasons. As a free channel, implementing and analysing your analytics data is something that can be done easily without costing anything to your business. The role of Analytics is important right now for reasons including:

  • Monitoring spikes in traffic. With Covid-19, you might have seen a decline, or complete drop, in traffic to your website and you may have stepped away from daily business operations as a result. Analytics is the quickest way to monitor the flow of traffic to your site, so that you can understand when the market is starting to pick back up again and take action accordingly. Place an alert on the platform when your traffic picks up to a certain level and be notified immediately.
  • Streamlining spend on the best performing marketing channels. Your brand may have previously employed an all-round awareness approach – favouring a presence on every channel for complete visibility. With a decline in revenue you may want to reduce the spend or turn off some channels completely. Analytics is a powerful tool for helping you understand which platforms are driving direct revenue, so that you can upweight your spend to these channels – or even individual campaigns entirely.
  • Create remarketing lists for a cost-effective marketing campaign. If you haven’t utilised remarketing techniques yet then now is the time to do so. Within Analytics you can create remarketing lists that collect the users who have visited your website previously, and use these to create low-cost remarketing campaigns in Google Ads that target users at a very low cost-per-click. Remarketing campaigns are particularly important at the moment, as there are many users who may not be in a position to purchase but who are still actively browsing – a remarketing campaign allows you to target these people further down the line when they may be ready to buy.

Find Out More About Marketing During Covid-19
Are you struggling to adapt your marketing strategy to respond to Covid-19? Or are you looking for new ways to market to your audience? Find out more about reviewing your strategy and utilising marketing channels to give you success online today. Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help.

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