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7 Ways To Make Your Video Marketing Campaign A Success

by Saffron Cawley

May 5, 2020

video strategy

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can make your business stand out. But, with video assets typically costing more to produce than other forms of content, you’ll need to make sure you’re generating a strong return on investment from your strategy. 

See some of our top tips for making the most of your video campaign and using it to generate sales and leads for your brand:

#1 Ask Your Audiences A Question
Get the attention of your audience by asking a question instead of making a statement. Posing a question allows your customer to relate to your content – such as ‘do you want to transform your sales process?’ or ‘do you know these vital ways to make your marketing campaign a success?’. You can write your question as the hook within the copy above your video, drawing your audience in to watch the answer unfold.

#2 Add Subtitles
Make sure your videos are accessible to all users. Subtitles mean that the messaging and impact of your videos are not lost to users with hearing impediments or listeners who scroll on their devices without sound enabled.

#3 Optimise For SEO
Help your video be found online by optimising for SEO. Use keywords in your title and the description of your video to help it be found in places like YouTube’s search engine. If possible include the translation of your video in the description too. On platform’s like LinkedIn you can use hashtags to be found easily – and also track metrics on your individual campaign.

#4 Use An Animated Speaker
Make sure your speaker stands out! Your host should have a friendly face, be stood up and use animated gestures to keep your audience’s attention. If you want your users to take an action, such as clicking a link below the video, then get them to point to this and reinforce your message.

#5 Ask Your Audience To Take Actions
Encourage your audience to engage with a strong call-to-action. Asking them to ‘click to like’, ’comment yes’ or ‘tag someone who would find this video useful’, are all great ways to generate interaction with your video and increase its reach.

#6 Run A Competition Or Challenge
Generate a buzz around your brand with a competition or challenge is a great way to create some excitement and make your video stand out. Encouraging people to share your video, or create their own content and nominate other people to do the same, is a great way to get conversations started around your business.

#7 Create A Landing Page For Your Video
It’s important to have a hub where users can find more information around the message that you’re pushing – and so you can collect viewers’ data to nurture them into leads. Create a landing page with information around your campaign and a contact form, and include this within your video.

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