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How To Create A Revenue-Driving Client Email

by India Gumbley

Apr 27, 2020

email marketing

In the coronavirus pandemic email is now one of the most effective forms of marketing a brand can utilise. Is your business making the most of this key communication tool? See some of our top tips to generate revenue from your next marketing campaign:

Create An Email Plan

Think about the messages that you’re planning to send out. Are you pushing services, updating customers or providing useful content for them. What will your follow-up emails be? Will your audience be segmented? Create a detailed strategy but remember, as the landscape changes rapidly you need to be prepared to adapt your plan and change your content accordingly.

Make Sure Your Content Is Valuable

Consumers are being bombarded with emails and contents from brands, so it’s important that your emails are useful. Going for the hard sell might not be the best approach at this time. Instead focus on how you can be useful to your audience. Can you entertain them? Teach them something new? Give your followers relevant, engaging and useful content that will solidify your relationship and turn them into a loyal follower. 

Utilise Audience Segmentation

As you look to create highly relevant content, segmentation has never been more important. Customers who bought one purchase two years ago are completely different to consumers who buy from you and open your emails every few weeks. Make sure that you segment your users into lists and send out appropriate email messaging to these groups in order to receive the best response. 

Use An Engaging Headline – But Don’t Make It Clickbait

Make your email stand out in a crowded inbox with an interesting headline that captures your audience’s attention. Audiences don’t like to feel tricked, so make sure that your headline isn’t clickbait – your email content should deliver exactly what the headline says. Remember that emojis aren’t always read by devices, so ensure that if you do use them they’re not in direct replacement of words.

Include Call-To-Actions

Create a buzz and drive an action with clear and precise CTA’s. ‘Buy now’, ‘Shop now’, ‘Learn more’, ‘Get started today’ and ‘Don’t miss out’ are just some of the pushes you can give your audience within your email copy. 

Drive Extra Revenue With An Affiliate Link

Drive additional revenue by upselling similar products or services that your customers may be interested in. Using affiliate links to drive additional revenue is a quick and easy way to increase the revenue power of your emails. Are there any brands you want to team up? Or any services that you think your clients would be likely to need alongside your products? Negotiate an affiliate link that can be placed in your email.

Get Help With Your Next Email Marketing Campaign

For support creating a super-powered email campaign, get in touch with our specialists today! Find out more about our email marketing service, here.

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