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The Power Of Social Media During The Coronavirus Pandemic

by Francesca Hampshaw

Apr 22, 2020


As the Coronavirus puts a stop to physical interaction, Social Media has replaced face-to-face meetings as a meaningful source of connection. It’s also become one of the most powerful channels for businesses to communicate vital updates to their followers.

The Benefits Of Using Social Media During Coronavirus

For brands, there are a number of reasons that Social Media is now one of the most important channels for their business. These include:

  • Increased Social Media usage. As users are stuck indoors, time browsing online has seen a sharp increase. 
  • Social Media is one of the primary ways to communicate key messages. Alongside email and publishing an article on your website blog, Social Media is one of the quickest and most effective ways for your customers to keep updated with the actions your business is taking during Coronavirus.
  • Organic Social Media is a good way to keep marketing when budgets have been cut. Organic posting is something that can be done by your own team internally, making it a great channel to keep running when your marketing budgets have been slashed. 

Make Sure Your Business Is Taking Positive Actions

There’s also a dark side to Social Media and it’s important that your brand’s actions reduce this impact. The platform can leave people feeling like they’re missing out and can flood them with negative information that’s damaging in the long-term. Make sure that your brand is taking positive actions on Social Media including:

  • Nurture an online community. Provide a space where users can feel part of something bigger.
  • Celebrate any positive news from within your business and community.
  • Keeping your audience distracted from what’s going on.
  • Promote meaningful causes and charities.

What Should Your Key Focus Be? 

Organic Social Media:

  • Review your content calendar. Do you have any posts coming up over the next few weeks that are no longer appropriate? Do you now have huge gaps with no content? Are there some key dates coming up that you’d forgotten about?
  • Think about new ways to relate your content to your audience. Can you provide video tutorials or lockdown tips related to your services?
  • Engage with your audience. Spend more time replying to comments and encouraging conversation. You want your followers to feel like they’re part of a community and that their custom is appreciated.

Paid Social Media:

  • Review the campaigns that you’re running at the moments. Are you spending money promoting services that are no longer relevant?
  • Think about the awareness funnel. Depending on your services, customers may be less likely to purchase in this current climate. That means that your focus should be on widening the funnel – finding new people to turn into a warm lead. 
  • Create relevant advertising copy. Can you make your messaging reflect the current lockdown situation? Striking a note amongst your audience means that your advert is more likely to stand out.

Get Support With Your Social Media Marketing Today

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