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7 Things Your Brand Should Be Doing Immediately In Response To Covid-19

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As the full impact of Coronavirus enters its second month, many brands are scrambling to adapt to the changes in consumer behaviour.

If you’re only now being to look at your marketing activity, or you’re in need of some inspiration for your strategy going forwards, then make sure you’ve completed this checklist of marketing essentials in response to Covid-19.

These top tips include quick fixes that will ensure your brand has a solid foundation on which to begin marketing again.

Review Your Running PPC Campaigns

Are you driving traffic to services that are no longer offered? Make sure you review your paid search campaigns and see how many are running, whether their conversion rate has been impacted and whether now is the time to temporarily upweight your budget elsewhere in your marketing strategy.

Update Your Google My Business Profile

Google Business have temporarily removed several features due to Covid-19, including reviews and Q&As, but it’s important to update your profile as best as possible to keep your audiences informed of any changes to business opening hours or products. Use the updates section to publish any blogs you may have made uploaded on your brand’s response to the pandemic.

Send Out An Email To Your Database

Email marketing is a powerful channel at the moment. Rather than spending money acquiring new clients, market to your existing database! You can use an email to update clients or showcase any new services you may be offering in response to the pandemic and offer any discounts.

Set-Up Audiences In Analytics

People may be hesitant to buy in this current climate, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not browsing. Remarketing audiences are typically much cheaper to market to and have a higher conversion rate as they’re already aware of your brand. Setting up your audience now will mean that you can populate you remarketing list ready to target when the market picks back up again.

Create Responses To New Search Terms

Be aware that customers may be searching for new products or ways of utilising your service. Phrases like ‘online classes’, ’no contact’ and ‘delivery service’ will be on the up – so make sure that you have relevant content and FAQ responses to answer this and help it get surfaced in voice searches.

Update Your FAQ Page

Response times, delivery and shipping, refund terms and conditions…all of your service FAQs should be updated to reflect your current operating processes, ensuring that customers have a clear expectation.

Talk To Your Audience On Social Media

Now more than ever your audience need to be distracted, entertained and reassured. Make sure that you’re reaching out and starting conversations with your followers. Nurturing your community with help increase positive brand sentiment and grow a long-term audience.

Get Support With Your Digital Marketing

Are you reviewing your strategy in response to Covid-19? For more information on how your brand can adapt to the current online marketplace, read our blog here. To get help securing your online presence, contact our friendly team today!

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