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Reviewing Your Tone Of Voice In Times Of Crisis

by India Gumbley

Apr 9, 2020

content marketing

As the Covid-19 virus impacts the nation, some brands are struggling to adapt their messaging. It’s important that, at such a sensitive time, your organisation strikes the balance between continuing to create engaging content and being appropriate to your audience’s feelings.

Are you currently reviewing your communications across Social Media? Follow our essential tips for your posts, here:

#1 Check Your Scheduling Tools

If your brand uses a scheduling tool, like Hootsuite or Buffer, to send out your Social Media posts, then make sure you’re always aware how far ahead your posts have been scheduled and have immediate access to your logins. Situations can arise or escalate quickly, and you don’t want a previously scheduled post that is now tone-deaf or inappropriate to slip through the net.

#2 Does It Seem Like Your Business Is Taking Advantage?

Audiences react negatively to brands that appear to be taking advantage of a crisis. Be careful when advertising or promoting your products – you don’t want to appear to be profiteering from the situation. 

#3 Have You Made Your Content Relevant?

Think about what’s happening in your customers’ lives at the moment. Have their goals and needs changed? Do they have new challenges in their lives? Make sure the content you’re creating is relevant to their current situation – but be careful not to assume what their new situation might be. For some, a pandemic gives time at home and a scaled-back lifestyle, but for others it means more work and less free time than ever before.

#4 Do You Have A CSR Strategy In Place?

It’s important that your business is contributing to the community positively, particularly if you’ve chosen to promote that line of messaging to your audience. How can your brand help or give back in a meaningful and authentic way?

#5 Is Your Message Positive?

In a time of uncertainty, many of consumers will naturally be anxious and filled with worry. Make sure that your messages aren’t adding to their concern. Your brand should promote a calm, positive message, and steer away from contributing to any online panic. 

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