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Making The Most Of Your Customer Following

by Chloe Davisön

Apr 6, 2020

customer following

In the current economic climate, many businesses may be struggling to find new audiences. As marketing budgets are slashed and consumer buying behaviours change, many brands are having  to rely on their existing audiences.

Now more than ever, it’s important for businesses to be offering outstanding customer interaction online, delighting their followers and ensuring that they retain their loyalty. Find out some of our top tips to engage your audiences online:

#1 Expand Your Service Offering
Can you deliver your service or product virtually? Bringing your offering to life in a virtual format is more important than ever and ensures that your brand remains relevant to your audiences. There are a number of tools to deliver events, training, consultancy, advice and more, including:

Zoom – a cloud-based software that allows you to pre-record or live broadcast an event. The easy-use app is perfect for interactive sessions, where you can talk to your participants as individuals or in groups.

Facebook Live – an easy video streaming feature, Facebook Live allows you to save your live broadcast to your Facebook page or group for users to watch back afterwards.

YouTube Live – live broadcast your event and save your video to future playlists with YouTube’s easy stream feature. YouTube Live allows you to utilise pre-roll adverts and overlay adverts throughout, allowing you to generate additional revenue from your videos.

#2 Create Engaging Content
Now more than ever, your audiences are looking for a distraction. Fun and exciting content will delight your audience and keep them engaged with your brand, even if they may not be purchasing at this current point in time. Maintain brand awareness with relevant posts that take note of the particular feelings, goals and challenges your audience may be feeling at this time. Make sure you put time into interacting with your audience – responding to comments and encouraging positive discussions on your channels.

#3 Offer An Incentive
An exclusive offer is one of the best ways to reward your community. Offering a discount, or competition, just for your followers will generate a buzz and increase positive brand sentiment towards your business.

#4 Check In With Emails
Utilise your database. Check-in with your subscribers with emails, sending a mix of content including showcasing the latest collections, offer and discount announcements or newsletters. If you have the technology in place, utilise an automation strategy – guiding users through email funnels depending on their interaction with certain emails. On your social channels, push to build your database following by encouraging users to subscribe. 

Get Support Retaining Your Customers
In marketing, new customers cost more to acquire than an existing one – making retaining your current customer base a valuable and cost-effective strategy. From Social Media and Email Marketing, to Content Production and Live-streaming, get help delighting your customer base today. Talk to our friendly team today to see how we can help you.

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