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What Does The Future Look Like For Online Businesses?

by India Gumbley

Mar 30, 2020,

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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a seismic shift in economics for businesses of all industries. With many sectors coming to a crashing halt and businesses forced to close, many organisations have pivoted to their online platforms to reach audiences. But, even after the pandemic fades away – will things ever go back to how they were? Or will brands need to be looking at a permanent shift in buying behaviours and adapt accordingly.


Adapting To Changing Audience Behaviour

Currently, businesses will be experiencing a shift in consumer trends and buyer journeys. In the current climate it’s vital that businesses shift their marketing and user-experience approach to relate with these new consumer behaviours. Actions businesses can take include:


Tailor Your Service Offering To Your Audience’s Needs

What can your business do for its customers? That’s the question that should be at the top of your brand’s planning agenda. Can you tailor your product or service offering to be delivered online or to suit your consumer’s changing needs? Audiences will have different motivations, different challenges and different needs in this period of time. Can your product offering change to cater to that?


Adapt Your Messaging

Now more than ever your consumers are online, scrolling through Social Media and engaging with publications. Your audience don’t want adverts and content to stop – they just want it to be tone appropriate. Make sure that the messages you’re sending out are tailored the evolving situation, and that they take into account how your audiences are feeling, and what their new aligned goals and challenges may be.


Replicate the High-Street Experience

Customers are looking for more than just an online purchase – they’re looking for the same brand experience that they would get when interacting with your business in real life. Pop-up chatbots, recommendation engines, exclusive access, video content, bespoke UX, seamless checkouts and more – all of these are ways that your brand can superpower your online experience for guests.


Long-Term Lessons For Brands

Once the pandemic has subsided, and businesses return to operating as normal, there will be a few long-term lessons left that brands can learn from. This knowledge can be applied to help them future proof their company and build a loyal following.



The pandemic, and enforced government regulations, have meant that businesses who cannot adapt to work remotely have been the ones hardest hit. Does your businesses have the technology in place to service an online audience? Can your team work remotely? Have you invested enough into your online e-commerce channel? Will you be found online if footfall were to drop again on the high-street?


Community Building

Around the world, audiences have pulled together with a sense of community. Brands that have supported this and fuelled community efforts, are the ones that will be remembered positively by their audience. Similarly, brands that are fuelling a sense of community amongst their own audiences are receiving positive sentiment. Review your brand’s customers: do you have a community? What content or rewards can you give customers to build a loyal following? Can you bring people together through the positive actions of your brand?



The sudden shift in the economy has seen many businesses struggling to move fast enough to respond. Your business needs to be adaptable and flexible – ready to implement changes at a short notice.


Get Support With Your Planning

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