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Why Now Is The Time To Upskill Your Team Through Online Training

by Natalie Temple

Mar 19, 2020

online training

As Covid-19 impacts the UK’s economy, it’s almost impossible for your business not to have seen a change in consumer behaviour. With many organisations following the government guidelines regarding working from home, businesses will have seen a significant change in their operating model – and many will be in the middle of a huge shift in workplace culture.

There may be a strong temptation to dial down your marketing and training during this time – but take a moment to think first. Don’t panic. If you pull all marketing, your business will lose the valuable momentum it’s been building and, in three months time when you’re ready to push your campaigns aggressively again, you won’t be in such a strong competitive position.

But, with an undeniable dip affect on volume, footfall and more for some industries, how can you best utilise this quiet period for long-term success?

Train Your Team Online

Online Digital Marketing Training is an invaluable tool at this point in time. Upskilling your staff in a time when you may see a quieter period of working is the perfect way to future-proof your business, streamline your long-term marketing and achieve online success. There are a number of benefits of online digital training including:

  • Working remotely. With many teams now working from home, your employees can be spread across the UK, or even globally. Online capabilities allow them to attend training remotely, without fear of going against social distancing advisory guidelines.
  • Dissect the course into manageable chunks. A days training session can be spread across multiple smaller sessions, allowing users to train in manageable chunks without experiencing the learning fatigue that can come with a traditional comprehensive course. This also means they can expand on their knowledge and apply it to realtime scenarios in-between each session, allowing for a greater understanding overall.
  • Keep employees motivated. Being forced to work from home can have a huge impact on an employee’s motivation, and businesses are, now more than ever, concerned about their team’s wellbeing during such a huge change to routine. A training course is the ideal way to bolster enthusiasm, give them something to look forward to and motivate them with the bonus of their skillset development.
  • Implement your training course knowledge to boost business performance. In the current climate many businesses across multiple industries are expecting to take a hit to their sales. The knowledge you learn from courses like Digital Strategy, SEO and Social Media will equip you with the tools you need to market your business effectively in this time and weather the storm.
  • Receive a long-term ROI. Training your staff in marketing means that you can bring some of your channel management in-house, reducing the long-term cost of outsourcing all of your activity. This can future-proof your business and help you achieve in-house success.

Digital Marketing Courses To Help Your Business 

So which training course are most valuable for your business at this point in time? Digital training courses can cover a range of channels, including:

Digital Strategy evaluate all of the channels your business uses, spot opportunities for visibility on additional channels and ensure that your strategy is realigned to your current business focuses.

AnalyticsUnderstand your audience’s changing behaviours, make data-led decisions and gain real insight into your website audience.

PPCDrive immediate traffic to your site with Adwords.

Organic Social MediaCommunicate vital business-decisions to your audience in a positive way, build a loyal and engaged community and create great content that your audience can identify with.

Paid Social MediaWith more users spending time interacting with technology, find your audience  on Social Media.

SEO  As a ‘slow burner’, SEO is an important channel to have working consistently in the background to build momentum. Boost your rankings on Google and increase your inbound traffic from search engines.

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