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3 Quick Ways to Super-Power Your Facebook Campaigns

by Francesca Hampshaw

Mar 11, 2020


Are you looking to take your Facebook advertising to the next level? Setting up a Facebook advert is just the start! Once your business has its Social Media campaigns up and running, you can begin to look at optimising your adverts to get even better results. 

Refine your campaign and generate an increased ROI with some of our quick tips to super-power your advertising account now:

#1 Target a Lookalike Audience

Reach people that are similar to your current followers and website visitors with a Facebook lookalike audience. Using its own algorithm, Facebook can create an audience of users that are similar to your existing audience – finding new people that fit the same behaviours and demographics of your current customer base. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness you can increase the percentage of similarity to your existing audience, finding even more new users to be used in advertising. 

#2 Try Out New Advert Formats

Once you’re comfortable with a static, one-image advert format, you can begin experimenting with the wide range of adverts available to your business. Facebook’s advert catalogue includes Carousel adverts (multiple images that users can swipe through), video adverts, lead generation adverts (an advert with a drop-down quick-fill form) and more! Different adverts will help you achieve different business goals – talk to our team today to find out which would be suitable for you!

#3 Split-Test Your Creative

Test the effectiveness of your adverts with a split-testing strategy. Facebook allows you to split your budget and trial different formats of your advert to see which your audience respond to better. You can split-test a number of features including creative imagery, advert copy, call-to-actions and placement delivery. To ensure a detailed overview of which features work best we recommend running one split-test at a time, and ensuring a sufficient amount of data is gathered so that you’re not optimising based on anomalies.

Get Help With Your Facebook Marketing Campaign Today

If you’re looking to super-charge your Facebook campaigns then get in touch today! Our Social Media offering includes delivering bespoke promotions that drive social engagement, build your follower network and boost sales.

Using precision-targeted adverts, we can help you reach the right audience quickly and drive relevant website traffic to achieve your goals. To learn more about how we can help your business, get in touch here.

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