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Frequency Capping: How Much Is Too Much?

by Chloe Davisön

Feb 13, 2020

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When it comes to remarketing, brand awareness is a key goal for your campaign activity. But how much is too much? And can you control how many times your adverts appear in front of the same audience? Find out more about frequency capping and its use, here:

Creating Brand Blind Consumers

Every brand desires to be the one that consumers’ thoughts jump to the moment their product or services are needed. And remarketing can form a key part of that strategy. An advert here, an advert there, appearing subtly on websites without customers even realising – all establishing your brand firmly in the back of your customers’ minds ready to be recalled at a later date.

As a low-cost form of marketing, you could be paying as little as pennies for a click from these adverts, as well as gaining the benefits from their impressions appearing in front of your audience countless times. It’s a tempting strategy to bombard your visitors with adverts to really stand out. But did you know you could placing a detrimental impact on your brand? Showing your customers the same adverts over and over again can lead to Ad Fatigue.

What Is Ad Fatigue?

One of the biggest dangers of an unchecked remarketing campaign is Ad Fatigue. This is when your audience see the same advert time and time again, causing them to grow tired of them. Not only do they become less responsive to the adverts, causing your engagement levels to drop, but it can also leave the viewer with a negative view of your brand – they resent being hounded across the internet by the same advert. That’s where the invaluable feature of Frequency Capping comes in.

What Is Frequency Capping?

Frequency Capping is a feature that allows you to limit the number of times a user sees your advert over a given time period. The feature restricts the number of impressions of your advert that a specific customer is served by the Adwords platform – preventing ad fatigue and a negative sentiment towards your company.

How Do I Implement Frequency Capping?

Frequency capping can be applied to your adverts easily. In your campaign settings, under Advanced options, you’ll find a small toggle that will allow you to turn it on – simple!

What Frequency Capping Should I Use?

Every brand is different, so a frequency capping strategy is something you’ll need to play around with. There are a number of metics that can help you make this decision, such as click-through-rate – if engagement on your adverts is poor, then it’s a sure sign people don’t want to interact with the advert. Google recommends a standard frequency capping at 8 impressions per day but for clients that already have a huge audience they’re remarketing to, with no struggle to spend their budget, we recommend as little as 3 impressions per day.

Find Out More About Frequency Capping & Ad Fatigue

Another way to prevent ad fatigue is to refresh your remarketing creative banners – showing your customers a new set of adverts that they haven’t seen before. To find out more about engaging users on your marketing campaign, refreshing your creative ideas or implementing frequency capping, then get in touch with our team today! 

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