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Backlinks: Are you missing out on important SEO?

by Francesca Hampshaw

Jan 31, 2020

peaky digital backlinks campaign

Backlinks are the fire power behind your SEO campaign and play a big part in helping your website to obtain a higher ranking on Google. If you’re not familiar with their importance or you’re unsure how to establish them, read our guide to help kick start your backlinks campaign in 2020.


What are backlinks?

To put it simply, a backlink is created when one website links to another. One of the main reasons you should spend time building these up is because search engines such as Google love them. They use these backlinks to inform them of a website’s ranking signal. This is because when one website links to another website it tells google that this website’s content is noteworthy. This link from website to website represents a vote of confidence in your website content. In summary, this means, they help to build your website’s domain and page authorities which have a direct impact on your search result rankings. On the flip side, it’s important to monitor your backlinks to make sure that they are healthy and not negatively impacting on your websites ranking.

Top Tip: Before you dive into your new outreach campaign make sure your website has strong foundations and minimal onsite errors. Ensure redirects are in place where needed and that your redirect chains are working. Problems such as these can really affect your ranking performance and ultimately mean your quality backlinks are less effective.


How Do I Establish Backlinks?

Guest Articles: This is all about building relationships with other businesses and bloggers who have a strong online presence. You may already have in mind websites you would like to pitch your guest article to, however if you feel you need direction, hiring a SEO agency to conduct backlink mining is a wise choice (and time saver)! You can approach these websites with an exclusive article, generic article or just a pitch, with an explanation of your intentions and why you feel your guest article is right for their audience. Just make sure you ask for the link back to your site should they use your content.

Infographics: Infographics are a great way to reach new audiences and engage them in new and innovative content. Visually pleasing, make sure your infographic is created by a designer (if you do not have one inhouse – you can outsource to a designer for a small fee). Pick a relevant topic that you think your desired audience would engage with and make sure it contains your keywords. Don’t forget to link to your website and feature your business details at the bottom of the infographic.

Testimonials:  Offering a free testimonial is a quick and easy way to build a healthy backlink for your website and generate a win-win relationship with another business. They gain a testimonial and your name and company name are featured on their website, along with a backlink to your website.

Top Tip: Run a backlinks audit and check for backlinks already established to your site which have recently broken. Often these can be solved through simple fixes such as a new page name or page URL change. Reconnecting these links can be an easy way to build up your backlinks.


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