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The 5 Things You Need In Place For Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

by India Gumbley

Nov 27, 2019

marketing strategy

With Black Friday and Christmas, the last two months of each year can be a hectic time for your marketing department! But if you want to start the New Year with a bang and hit 2020 running, then it’s important to allocate some time in this final period to prepare.

#1 Content Calendar

A content calendar allows you to outline and prepare for key marketing dates in your audiences’ calendars. With a number of important dates like New Years and Valentines occurring at the start of the year, it’s vital that you’ve fully-researched your dates and given yourself time to create some engaging content for your audience!

#2 Best Practice Website

You can’t begin a focussed SEO campaign without having the basics right first, so take some time  in December to get the foundations of your website sorted. Make sure your website is designed with best-practice in mind and that basic errors and optimisations, including onsite headings, are completed.

#3 Email Database

Email Marketing is an effective channel for pushing out offers, business updates and driving conversions on your website. With the arrival of GDPR, many businesses have seen their databases drastically reduces – with some companies opting to start their email lists completely from scratch. Take the time to build your email database list back up again. Send reminders, add subscribe features to your website and offer incentives for your community to sign up.

#4 New Audiences To Tap Into

Taking the time to search out and build new communities now will give you a whole fresh audience to tap into for your marketing strategy next year. Search out new followers on hashtags, Twitter threads and more. If you have budget to put behind your efforts, you can use a likes campaign on Facebook to grow your audience and find new engaged individuals who match your interests.

#5 Tone Of Voice

It’s important to have a consistent tone of voice that represents you and speaks to your audience. What kind of words does your brand use? Are you funny or serious? Professional or informal? Do you comment on political and cultural issues, or steer clear from anything outside your services? It can help to picture your brand as a famous person or character – who would they speak like? Taking the time to refine your tone of voice and produce a set of guidelines will help you in your marketing campaigns next year.

Get Help With Your 2020 Marketing Strategy Today

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