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5 Quick Optimisations To Boost Your E-commerce Sales

E-commerce Strategy

Is your e-commerce website struggling to appear in search engine results? Are you struggling to get visitors to your website? There are a huge number of ranking factors you can take into consideration when optimising your website – but not all online retailers have the resource to invest a huge amount of time into their SEO. See some quick optimisations that you can implement to start boosting your sales today:

#1 Enhance Your Copy

Compared to most websites, e-commerce sites typically have less content. This leaves an opportunity for e-commerce websites that invest the necessary time into writing content, as copy is an important ranking factor for search engines. In addition to this, a lot of product-related content is pulled directly from the manufacturer’s descriptions, making it highly likely that the text is duplicate content appearing elsewhere on the web. Enhance your product pages by adding extra relevant content and making your descriptions unique. If you’re low on resources, focus on your bestselling product pages first and make these a priority.


#2 Check For Broken Links

Broken links can negatively impact your SEO and leave your customers with a bad user experience. If you no longer stock a product then make sure you direct the link to a relevant page – such as the category page for that item. Run regular checks to ensure you don’t have any broken links.


#3 Take The Opportunity To Cross-Sell

Internal linking can be used to help with your sales! Use a feature such as ‘if you like this, you’ll love’ or ‘similar products’ that presents users with alternative products in an effort to upsell on their existing purchase. Implementing this on the bottom of a product page is a great way to increase users’ overall spend, without interfering on the product they were originally trying to purchase.


#4 Use On-Page Optimisation

Optimise your page titles, headings, URLs and more to help with online searches and improve user experience. You can also add modifiers to your title tags to help you appear in long-tail keyword searches (such as ‘best’ and ‘deals’). Creating engaging Meta Descriptions will help increase your click-through-rate from the search engine results page, as users will be more drawn to your listing on the page.


#5 Mark-Up Your Products With Schema

Using schema product markup sends communication to Google with detailed information about your product, such as price and availability, which Google can use as rich snippets.


Get Help With Your E-commerce Strategy

Do you want support boosting your sales online? For advice and consultancy on your e-commerce SEO strategy, get in touch with our friendly team today! We can help you plan a search engine strategy that will boost your audience and turn visitors into convertors with ease. Contact us today to find out more!

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