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Designing The Perfect Facebook Audience To Supercharge Your Adverts

by Poppy Hunt

Sep 4, 2019


Facebook advertising is a powerful tool that can be used to reach your audiences online. But in order to ensure your adverts are successful, you need to be targeting the right users. Find out how to create the perfect Facebook audience to deliver your adverts to whilst generating the best return:

The Vital Stages Of Creating An Audience

When creating an advert within your advertising manager you’ll have the opportunity to craft a bespoke audience that’s relevant to the services and products you’re advertising. There are numerous ways you can define your audience, including:

#1 Location

Target your adverts to uses within a certain area. You can pick specific locations, such as towns or cities, or advertise to users in a radius of a location – useful for businesses who can only travel to customers within a certain distance.

#2 Age & Gender

Define your audience by age and gender to receive streamlined performance. If you have a product that is suited to a particular demographic then you can eliminate a huge amount of unnecessary spend by filtering your audience in this way.

#3 Languages

Ensure that your audience is targeted at a specified language with this option.

#4 Detailed Targeting

This is where you can get really granular with your audience selection. Choose people by factors including their interests and behaviours. Some of the options available include:


Choose from a range of filters relating to your audience demographics. This includes: education, financial status, life events (such as anniversaries and birthdays), parental status, relationship status and even careers – such as work industries and job titles.


There are so many choices for interest – you can align almost any audience member with an interest of some form! Browse interests including sports and outdoors, hobbies and fashion, whether the user is interested in technology, what entertainment choices they make, if they’re into competitor brands and more.


Target people by their engagement and behaviour. What do their digital activities look like? Are they a mobile device user? What operating system do they use? Do they shop online regularly? All of these targeting options are available to select for your adverts.

#5 Connectivity

Target users who have liked your page, or friends of the people who have liked your page. This is particularly useful if you want viewers of your advert to already be ‘warm’ – that is, if they’ve heard of your brand and services already. Or exclude anyone who likes your page – perfect for when you’re trying to drive brand new customers only.

Excluding Audiences From Your Adverts

Don’t forget that just as you can target people, you can also exclude them from seeing your adverts! If you’ve got a particular audience set in mind that wouldn’t be suitable for your products at all, then you can exclude these from your advert targeting.

Use Remarketing Audiences In Your Adverts

Advertise to previous website visitors with remarketing audiences. By targeting users who have already engaged with your services, your audience is much more likely to convert.

Get Help With Facebook Advertising Today

For more help building an audience, or creating dynamic adverts that will drive a strong return, then get in touch with our team today! We can help you implement a strong Facebook advertising strategy that will help you achieve your business goals. Learn more about our Facebook advertising services, here.

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