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5 Common PPC Mistakes You’re Making

by Natalie Temple

Aug 16, 2019, ,

Digital Agency

PPC is a powerful marketing channel which can drive direct sales online. For many organisations, targeted PPC activity can transform your business performance – but only if your campaign is set-up and optimised efficiently. If you’re struggling to make your PPC campaign convert and bring a successful return on investment then check you’re not making these common PPC mistakes:


#1 Your Ad Schedule Isn’t Optimised

Advert schedules dictate when an advert will appear in searches. If your advert is encouraging people to call and make a booking but you’re closed in the evenings, then you can spend much more efficiently by only showing your call ads during the time your business is open. Similarly consider turning your adverts off at times when people are less likely to convert – such as the early hours of the weekend.


#2 You’re Not Using Keyword Match Types

Keyword match types help you streamline with searches that your adverts will appear on. Without them, you could be wasting a huge amount of advertising spend unnecessarily. Exact match, phrase match and broad-match-modified are all forms of keyword match types which will ensure that your campaigns are only appearing for relevant results.


#3 You’re Driving People To The Wrong Place

The most important part of PPC is ensuring that when the user clicks on your advert they’re taking to a landing page that they’re expecting to see. If your advert relates to a particular service or product then make sure you direct users there rather than to your homepage. It’s important to click through and check that the links used aren’t broken, particularly if you’ve made any changes to your website.


#4 Your Targeting Is Too Wide

Do you only offer your services in a particular area? Or are you an e-commerce business that doesn’t ship internationally? Make sure you’ve set your adverts to only serve to users in your desired area. You can streamline this further by clicking the options within settings to ‘only show to people in this location.’


#5 You’re Not Using Call-To-Actions

Call-to-actions are a powerful way to encourage users to click through to your website. By giving them an instruction such as ‘book now’, ‘find out more’ or ‘get in touch’ you are literally telling them to take action and act on your advert with a sense of urgency.


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