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5 Ranking Factors You Need To Be Optimising For

by India Gumbley

Aug 10, 2019,

digital marketing blog


There are over 200 ranking factors that can affect the way Google priorities your website in search results. But just how many are you optimising for? Have a look at some of the most common SEO ranking factors and how you can use these to improve your website’s visibility:

#1 Mobile Friendliness

Now that Google has moved over to mobile-first indexing, your website’s mobile responsiveness is vital. Can your users do everything on your mobile site as they can on your desktop? Do they get the same user experience? Make sure you test your website on all devices.

#2 Crawlable Websites

Google needs to be able to crawl your website and reach all of the relevant pages in order to analyse what the content on your site is about. Ensure that you have submitted a sitemap and that your robots.txt allows Google to crawl the relevant pages (and disallows pages that you don’t want to be searched.)

#3 Page Speed

Slow-loading websites are vulnerable to a penalty from Google and with many users bouncing off a site if it takes more than a few seconds to load, your website could also be impacted from traffic loss.

#4 Links

Links from other websites signal to Google that your website is an authority on your subject. Acquiring links from high quality websites will increase your domain’s authority in Google’s algorithm. Similarly, if you have links from a website Google has flagged as spammy or toxic, then your domain could be penalised, so make sure you do a full backlink audit and disavow any of these.

#5 Bounce Rate

If users land on your site and leave immediately, then it sends a message to Google that your website content is not relevant or useful. A high bounce rate can make it difficult for your site to rank in particularly search term results. To help your website, make sure you have enough content that will encourage users to stay on to your site and click further into the site.

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