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5-Min YouTube Optimisations That Will Grow Your Business

by India Gumbley

Aug 5, 2019,

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As the second biggest search engine, YouTube sees millions of view requests every day. As a business, you’re missing out on a core opportunity and converting potential if you’re not present on the site. But how do you get the most from your content and how can you make sure your videos are seen by your audience online? See some of our simple optimisation tips for getting the most from your business YouTube channel:

#1 Ensure Consistency With Social Media Channels

Give your YouTube account as much aesthetic priority as your other social media channels. That means a consistent profile picture, title and bio that will give users the confidence that they’ve landed on your official company page.

#2 Add Your YouTube Links To Other Media

Add your YouTube url to your schema, include it in the footer of your website and emails – anything to get your channel seen and shared by your audience!

#3 Transcribe Your Videos

As a search engine, YouTube’s algorithm is picking up on search terms and keyword phrases. The problem with video content is that most of this useful information is spoken. By transcribing your videos you’re allowing all of those key search terms and information to be picked up by YouTube, helping it surface in relevant searches

#4 Use Catchy Titles

Just like a blog, you want your YouTube video to have a title that will leave audiences wanting more! Use an eye-catching title and be sure to include your keywords and search terms. Remember that people might search differently on YouTube than they would in Google – such as searching ‘how to’ do things.

#5 Choose A Thumbnail That Will Stand Out

Your thumbnail is one of the only things a viewer sees when they scroll past your video, so it’s important that you make the image eye-catching. If it stands out and tells the story of what your video content is about then users are more likely to click through. You can also create a uniform style for your thumbnails if you have multiple videos or a series.

Optimise Videos For SEO Today

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