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Find Out Why Business Awards Are Vital For Your Business Strategy

by India Gumbley

Jul 1, 2019,

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Winning an award is a feeling of great achievement but do you know some of the other less obvious benefits winning in your chosen category could bring to your business? Find out some of the reasons why business awards should be an important addition to your marketing and growth strategy.

#1 Position Yourself As An Industry Leader

Awards are a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors. Being nominated for an award positions you as a reputable business within your industry, which gives you a credible platform to being talking about subjects of interest – such as blogs on relevant business topics or guest speaker appearances.

#2 Improve Team Morale

Employees need recognition for the great work that they do and they also want the pride of working for a reputable company. Winning a business award can bring a great boost to team morale, leading to better performance and increased enthusiasm. 

#3 Widen Your Network

The business awards industry is a great place for networking and growing contacts in your field. Sponsors, event organisers and other nominees will all be eager to network, giving you an opportunity to engage with them both in person at events and over social media.

#4 Raise Awareness Of Your Business

Being nominated for an award is an effective form of brand awareness marketing. Your business will appear in all the marketing collateral and shortlists distributed by the event organisers and be recognised by a wide audience. 

#5 Create New Assets

Winning or being nominated for an award means you will usually be granted permission to use the awards logo on your own marketing collateral. This gives you a fresh update to your assets and can be used on things such as social media posts, email signatures and website banners.

#6 Get New Content Ideas

Your award nomination will provide plenty of fresh inspiration to deliver engaging content for your audience. The news could be announced in the form of a blog post, monthly e-newsletter, social media posts and more. Based on the category you’re entering, you could create content such as downloadable resources, explaining how you stand apart from your competitors. Awards make a great talking point on social media so make sure to capitalise on this – and keep a live presence on platforms like Twitter and Instagram during the event itself! 

Get Help With Your Business Awards Today

Do you want help creating a business awards calendar or support in writing your entries? At Peaky Digital we have successfully helped clients apply and be shortlisted for business awards that highlight their achievements in the industry. Get in touch with our team today to find out more! 

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