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The Beginners Guide To Perfecting Your Tone Of Voice

by India Gumbley

Jun 24, 2019, ,

tone of voice


Tone of voice is a vital part of content creation – and an important piece of framework that brands often overlook in the process. Find out what tone of voice is, why your business needs one and some top tips to help you create one, here:

What Is Tone Of Voice?

Tone of voice is how the personality of your brand is communicated both through your content and the ways in which your team communicate with outside parties. Your tone of voice should be consistent, so that your audience can recognise and identify it with your business. 

Why Is Tone Of Voice Important?

Tone of voice is important because it can help establish your brand within your industry! A strong tone of voice can build trust, as consistent messaging makes your company appear genuine and credible. It can also entertain your following – if your audience love your tone of voice and interact with your brand as a personality, then it will build a loyal following. 

5 Top Tips For Perfecting Your Tone Of Voice

To help you create a tone of voice, we’ve gathered some top tips of things to think about when deciding how your brand will speak and the type of content you’ll be talking about:

#1 Create A Word Bank

What kind of words would your business use to describe your products or services? If you’re a restaurant would you use the word ‘powerful’ to describe a dish? Sumptuous? Gourmet? Create a word bank which your employees can reference when creating content for your business. Use a fix of your favourite adjectives and phrases to ensure that your brand voice sounds consistent.

#2 Decide Which Topics To Discuss

Will your brand get involved in cultural, political and topical discussions? Decide which issues are important to you and whether you want to be part of the conversation – and which topics you’ll avoid discussing in public.

#3 Formal Or Friendly?

Does your brand speak in a corporate or fun tone? Corporate communication is professional, whereas an informal tone of voice gives you more scope to be playful – but make sure your brand doesn’t switch inconsistently between the two.

#4 Real World Examples

If your brand was a person or a character in the real world, who would they be? Envisioning a person will help you decide how your brand might talk and how they would react in certain situations.

#5 Establish Key Messaging

Your brand should have key messages that define who you are and what you do. Listing your values, your brand mission and the key messages you want to convey will give you a blueprint of how to communicate with your audience.

Get Help With Your Tone Of Voice Today

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